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Development of wns7.0-1.0/115/70-02 full-automatic gas-fired hot water boiler

industrial boiler is an indispensable and important thermal power equipment in the national economy and people's life. There are a large number of industrial boilers in China. In the past, coal was used as the main fuel. There are many problems, such as low thermal efficiency in actual operation, low automation level, serious environmental pollution, and increasing frequency and degree of acid rain, which have attracted great attention of the Chinese government. According to statistics, among the industrial boilers in some developed countries, oil-fired and gas-fired boilers account for a large proportion. Japan accounts for 99%, the United States for 98%, and Russia for 60%. At present, with the vigorous development of China's gas field resources and the implementation of the west to east gas transmission plan, many large and medium-sized cities have the conditions to use a large number of gas fuels. Urban construction has developed rapidly. In order to meet the requirements of land conservation and environmental protection, gas-fired boilers have been greatly developed

with the continuous deepening of China's reform and opening up, the development of urban construction in pengle, the higher requirements of the state for environmental protection and the vigorous development of oil and gas resources, the promotion and application of oil and gas boilers are increasing year by year. In some developed countries, such as the United States, Japan and other countries, the proportion of oil-fired and gas-fired industrial boilers is more than 98%. In order to meet the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements in China, the urban areas of some large and medium-sized cities have formulated certain restrictions on the construction of coal-fired boiler workshops. For example, since 1997, Beijing has changed all the existing coal-fired stoves in the Third Ring Road to natural gas, and the scattered small and medium-sized coal-fired boilers in the urban areas have gradually changed to natural gas; In Shanghai, no new coal-fired boiler workshop is allowed within the inner ring road; Since January, 199, Xi'an LLJ has not approved the construction of coal-fired boilers, but all natural gas

boilers. In addition, the construction of national local high-tech economic development zones and the development of high food civil buildings have high requirements on the site, surrounding environment, degree of automation, safety and reliability and construction standards, thus promoting the application of oil-fired and gas-fired boilers. China's industrial boiler manufacturers have also increased the research and development of oil (gas) boilers. At present, the proportion of oil and gas industrial boilers in China only accounts for about 5%, but from 1991 to 2001, the sales volume of oil and gas industrial boilers increased from 5.62% to 12.21% of the total sales volume of industrial boilers. Therefore, China's oil and gas industrial boilers are bound to get greater development

at present, there are more oil-fired boilers and less gas-fired boilers in China. However, with the further rational use of energy and higher requirements for environmental protection in China, with the major breakthrough and continuous development of natural gas exploration in recent years and the industrialization of coal gasification in China, and the comprehensive characteristics of basically pollution-free combustion of gas fuel, the combustion is easy to adjust, With a series of characteristics such as easy adjustment of heating value, the era of large-scale use of clean energy gas for industrial boilers in China is coming, and the gas boiler workshop in large and medium-sized cities will be the direction of development

Wns7.0-1.0/115/70-q2 full-automatic gas-fired hot water boiler is a new product developed by fushal boiler factory to meet the needs of market development. It began to be developed in 2000 and completed installation and commissioning in October 2001. It has been put into use by China University of mining and technology and the Central University for nationalities. It is in good operation

1. Boiler overview

(1) technical parameters

model wns7.0-1.o/115/70-q2

rated thermal power (MW) 7.0

rated effluent pressure (MPA) 1.0

rated effluent temperature (℃) 115

feedwater temperature (℃) 70

air temperature (℃) 30

heating area (M ²) 189.6

design thermal efficiency (%) 89

design fuel natural gas, city gas, liquefied gas

design fuel consumption 806.2 self MZ/h (natural gas)

combustion mode forced ventilation, micro positive pressure combustion

boiler body flue gas resistance 980pa

(2) design fuel characteristics

Jun series boilers take the natural gas composition provided by Beijing natural gas company in 1997 as the design fuel composition, Its composition characteristics are:

(3) boiler structure characteristics and boiler characteristics

(1.) The boiler is a horizontal internal combustion three return full wet back fire tube structure. The boiler shell and tube plate, furnace liner and back combustion chamber all adopt full butt welds. The wave shaped furnace liner is arranged at the low position, and the heating surface is arranged symmetrically in the center. The first return is that the furnace is full waveform furnace liner, and the second and third return are flue gas pipes with larger pipe diameters

(2.) The boiler is equipped with German Weishaupt combustor, and the gas inlet pipeline is equipped with quick break valve, filter, pressure regulating valve, leak detection device, etc

after filtration and pressure regulation, the fuel gas is sent to the furnace by the burner for diffusion combustion. The generated high-temperature flue gas carries out radiation and convection heat exchange in the furnace and the combustion chamber, and then flushes through the second and third return flue gas bundles in turn, and finally discharges into the atmosphere through the flue gas

(3.) A sewage suction device is installed at the bottom of the boiler shell to discharge the sediment and dirt accumulated at the bottom through the blowdown valve at the rear

(4.) The boiler body is provided with a large hole and a head hole, and the tail is also provided with a centralized inspection, fire-off, explosion-proof, convenient inspection and


(5.) The front and rear smoke boxes of the boiler are equipped with left and right symmetrical smoke box doors, which can be opened to thoroughly inspect and clean the smoke pipes

(6.) The unique outer packaging design is adopted, and the appearance of the boiler is clean and beautiful

(7.) The boiler return water enters the drum from the front lower side of the boiler, and presents a zigzag flow under the guidance of the guide device to improve the water velocity at the tube plate of the return combustion chamber. The hot water is sent to the heat user through the steam collection device

(4) boiler control system

the boiler control system has Chinese display, automatic control and complete safety protection functions. It can monitor the boiler system in real time and intelligently identify and deal with faults in real time. It is simple, reliable and highly intelligent. The specific functions are as follows:

1) Chinese display

through specially designed panels, it is convenient to realize intuitive man-machine dialogue through Chinese information, including:

(1.) Real time display of outlet water temperature, return water temperature and exhaust gas temperature of boiler system

(2.) Real time display of boiler control system working status (startup, shutdown, fault shutdown, timing, anti freezing)

(3.) Display the status of the control object; The opening of the combustion engine is large and the dog is small; Start and stop of circulating water system

(4.) Display the current fault of the boiler system in real time

(5.) Display the contents of historical faults and the time of occurrence in Chinese

(6.) Display of set values of various control parameters

(7.) The current time plane of the system is displayed

(8.) It has the function of encrypting the operation menu to prevent irrelevant personnel from misoperation

2) complete safety protection function

(1.) Safety protection of combustion system

the installation protection of the combustion system is the control core of the control system. The county has gas leakage protection, gas pressure quotient protection, low gas pressure protection and complete protection for the combustion failure of the combustion machine and blower failure

(2.) Safety protection of circulating water system

the system has multiple safety protection functions for the circulating water system:

① interlocking control of circulating pump: if the circulating pump does not operate, the boiler system cannot be started normally

② through the rake type flow switch installed on the boiler outlet circuit by the user, the control system can avoid the failure of the circulating pump contactor due to the clamping error signal sent to the control system by the contact seizure

③ the system sets the alarm value of low return water pressure through the Chinese screen. When the computer detects that the actual return water pressure is low, this set value will play a role in

protection, which is to protect the circulating water system from the low pressure

3) safety protection of boiler operation system

(1.) The most important protection of the boiler operation system is the over temperature protection of the outlet water. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of this function, the system realizes the protection through two


① the protection is realized through the outlet water temperature sensing signal. The over high value of the outlet water temperature is set through the Chinese navel. When the computer system detects that the actual outlet water temperature is higher than the actual outlet water temperature, this set value plays a protective role

② by installing a temperature controller in the water outlet pipeline and adjusting the temperature control to the required water outlet temperature limit value, when the actual water outlet temperature value is greater than this value, the controller will act, playing an important safety protection function that the computer control of the control system can also prevent the boiler temperature from being too high

(2.) Boiler over pressure protection

if the outlet water pressure of the boiler exceeds the design value, it will have serious consequences on the pipe wood end system. Therefore, it is very important to protect the high pressure fault of the boiler.

fitter hammer this system sets the alarm value for over high outlet water pressure through the Chinese navel. When the computer detects the actual high outlet water pressure, this set value acts as the protection function

(3.) Protection of exhaust gas temperature

this control system can not only display the exhaust gas temperature, but also protect it: when the boiler operates normally at full load, the user can set the maximum alarm value of exhaust gas temperature by adding about 15 ℃ to the exhaust gas temperature value at that time, which can effectively prevent the sudden closing of flue baffle and flue blockage

(2) automatic control

after power on, press the start button on the panel of Jinan Testing Machine Factory pneumatic pipe joint tensile testing machine that meets the requirements of gb/t14514.1 ⑵ 013. When the system detects that the circulating water system is normal and there is no fault, the system will automatically start the combustion machine, realizing:

(1.) The intelligent automatic combustion regulation

system determines the current target outlet water temperature according to the ambient temperature and outlet water temperature curve. When the outlet water temperature is low, the system will start a large fire. When the boiler outlet water temperature is higher than the low temperature limit, the system will turn to a small fire. When the boiler outlet water temperature is higher than the low temperature limit, the system will turn to a small fire. When the boiler outlet water temperature is higher than the target outlet water temperature, the system will automatically turn off the fire

(2.) Combustion by adjusting the exhaust gas temperature

too low the exhaust gas temperature will produce condensate in the system, which will aggravate the corrosion of the boiler. Therefore, the control system will adjust the combustion by itself when it detects that the exhaust gas temperature is too low, so that the Solvay super performance polymer in the boiler shows a very high PV value of 4million psi*ft/min (140mpa*m/s) in harsh environment. The boiler should not be operated in this state for a long time, effectively extending the service life of the boiler

2. Energy saving effect and economic benefit

the design of this type of boiler pays attention to the reasonable arrangement of heating surface, reduces the consumption of steel village, reduces the flue gas flow resistance, and optimizes the configuration of auxiliary equipment. At the same time, considering the serialization, standardization and generalization of products, we can make full use of the original production conditions and tooling to simplify the manufacturing process, thus reducing the manufacturing cost. The enterprise has production conditions

with the continuous development of the west to east gas transmission project, more and more cities in Vietnam will obtain stable natural gas sources, and the demand for gas-fired hot water boilers for labor heating is also increasing. Especially with the success of Beijing in hosting the 2008 Olympic Games, as a representative of clean combustion technology, gas-fired hot water boilers will replace a large number of coal-fired heating boilers. It is estimated that the annual demand in Beijing alone will be about 50 sets, and the annual demand in China will be more than 100 sets

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