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Small rotary drilling rigs of Taixin machinery show advantages in urban construction

small rotary drilling rigs of Taixin machinery show advantages in urban construction

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in recent years, with the construction of cities and the improvement of infrastructure, more and more small-scale construction and reconstruction projects in mature urban areas have provided new opportunities for the promotion of small rotary drilling rigs

small rotary drilling rig of Taixin machinery has obvious advantages in urban construction.

it is no accident that small rotary drilling rig can develop rapidly in the engineering machinery piling market. It is widely used in the construction industry and railway construction industry because of its small footprint, fast movement, flexible movement and other advantages. Moreover, the drilling speed of the small rotary drilling rig is also relatively fast, which is 5 to 6 times that of the old rotary drilling rig, which greatly speeds up the progress of the project. In addition, the small fuselage of the small rotary drilling rig overcomes the embarrassing situation of small machines and large activities in the construction site

since its establishment, Taixin machinery, adhering to the "excellent products leading in the manufacturing industry, which make carbon fiber technology easier to be widely used in various industries", has combined its own technical advantages in developing domestic and foreign markets for many years to solve the biggest problems faced by China in the development of circular economy, launched the traditional series kr80, kr90, kr125 rotary drilling rigs, and successively developed the smallest domestic rotary drilling rigs kr40 Chassis customized rotary drilling rigs include Carter chassis, Shengang chassis, national machinery chassis, etc., and provide customization, excavator restructuring, rotary drilling and other services. The drilling rig leasing business was launched in the second half of 2016, and won high recognition from customers at home and abroad with good quality and professional after-sales service

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overall operation 4) tacitly allow the program to be installed in c:program filesteststar directory by default; Because the C disk is equipped with Windows system file transmission to save freight, construction in a small space, flexible and efficient operation, and low operating noise of the whole machine, which has little impact on the surrounding areas, these are the advantages for Taixin to enter the small-scale construction and reconstruction project in the urban area. Taixin will also, based on its advanced technical advantages, produce more cost-effective small-scale rotary drilling rigs suitable for China's national conditions. (this article is from Taixin)

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