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The application of featurecam software in cam design and processing

picking speed is more rational: through the discussion and analysis of cad/cam software in the design and manufacturing process of double helix high-speed transmission cam, we can share processing experience and solutions

key words: cad/cam software cylindrical cam four-axis processing winding surface

introduction of Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. we have listed in form 10-K and other documents submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission:

Jingwei Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is a world-famous textile machinery manufacturer. In 1996, it was listed on the stock exchange of Hong Kong and Shenzhen Stock Exchange at the same time, with a total share capital of 603.8 million shares, With assets of more than 6.3 billion yuan and more than 20 subsidiaries and branches, it is a cross regional enterprise group integrating science, industry and trade, which is the only one with research and development and production capacity of cotton textile complete equipment

featurecam is a famous feature automatic recognition cam system under Delcam company, the largest CAM software company in the world. It is the first full-function CAM software based on feature and knowledge and using automatic feature recognition AFR technology. At the same time, it has a powerful interactive feature recognition IFR function and supports 2-5 axis machining centers, turning and milling compound machining, turning machining and wire cutting programming

there is a kind of textile machinery called high-speed air spinning, which introduces German modern technology. One of the key parts is the transmission cam. The transmission cam type of high-speed rotor spinning adopts double helix, while our company has always used single helix cam before, and there is no domestic processing experience for reference. More importantly, because the working speed of the cam is as high as 8000 rpm, the requirements for transmission accuracy, reliability and noise are very high. It can be said that whether the processing difficulties of the cam can be overcome is the key link of the whole technology introduction

the traditional processing method is to use Cartesian coordinates for point-to-point calculation, which is data intensive, heavy workload, and easy to make mistakes; The curve and surface are not smooth, the volume error is large, and the manufacturing cycle is long

this time, we try to program with featurecam, use our existing equipment, overcome the defects of traditional manufacturing, and manufacture accurate high-speed cams. Thus, cad/c or am technology, which is used in various thermoplastic rubber/plastics as a modified material with impact resistance, slip resistance, wear resistance, shrinkage resistance and cold resistance, can be truly applied to cam design and manufacturing, which not only improves the efficiency and machining accuracy of cam design, but also shortens the manufacturing cycle. Especially in the design and manufacture of complex parts or curved surfaces or molds, cad/cam technology shows more powerful functions and efficiency than other software

design, modeling and programming ideas of high-speed rotor spinning transmission cam:

● analyze the processing technology of the cam - it is necessary to build the cam curve

● cam workpiece material - the material of cylindrical cam is qt550 wear-resistant and high temperature resistant cast iron

● equipment used: equipment with four axis function and four linkage machining center must be available. The cutter is rod milling cutter (flat end milling cutter)

● create cam curve --- use the cam curve construction function of featurecam software to intelligently create the key curve of cam

● use the featurecam four axis machining module to automatically generate the milling groove machining tool path along the cam curve

● use the featurecam machine tool simulation module to simulate the machining path for verification

● process the cam in the four linkage machining center

when designing the cam curve, it is considered that the cam moves at high speed to drive high-speed yarn drawing and spinning, and the curve of the cam is required to be particularly smooth to achieve the effect of high speed. Therefore, between the upper point and inflection point of the designed structure, the track when accelerating the rise must ensure that the groove is smooth and smooth

first, the steps of generating cam curve:

establish winding curve, select Y-axis winding, and design the completed curve (see the figure below)

Second, the steps of generating tool path:

process analysis process: when processing, the option should be CW direction, that is, processing clockwise, and the inflection point of the curve should rise to 180 degrees at a uniform speed every 0.25 degrees; Then return to the starting point. The second translation center Y-axis -40mm continues to be processed, including rough machining and finish machining, and controls the dimensional accuracy of inflection points and the corners of inverted curves

select the cutter ¢ 20 rod milling cutter for rough machining, featurecam automatically calculates the allowance left for finish machining, and the spindle speed Jinan assay tensile tester can test rubber and plastic 1800r/min; The spiral cutting mode is adopted for feeding, and the speed is 100mm/min. when entering normal processing, the feeding speed is 150-200mm/min

when selecting the cutter ¢ 20 rod milling cutter for finish machining, the power load table attached to ferturecam software can be referred to. The rotation speed of the spindle is 2000r/min, and the feeding speed is 200mm/min by using the spiral cutting method. When entering the normal processing, the feeding speed is 200---250mm/min

four axis machining center is used, the control system is Siemens 840C, and the main format of NC is MPF format; The computer simulates processing, calculates the actual processing hours, and modifies unnecessary redundant processing paths

III. dynamic three-dimensional solid cutting simulation results of tool path:

IV. machine tool simulation verification of tool path in featurecam:

in order to verify the correctness of the program in the process of NC machining, wood mold or plastic mold was used for trial cutting in the past, which was inefficient and wasted materials. Using numerical control simulation method to test is a new technology developed in recent years. It has the advantages of reducing manufacturing cost, shortening design and manufacturing cycle, being fast, intuitive, time-saving and labor-saving. It enables the operator to detect errors in advance through graphic display, and conduct tool interference and collision inspection

rapid generation of machine tool G code:


the application of cad/cam technology to the automatic programming of manufacturing design and NC machining of cylindrical cams greatly improves the design efficiency and accuracy of cams, overcomes the risks caused by the shortcomings of traditional methods and human factors, such as wasting human, material and financial resources and having to be modified many times, shortens the cycle of design and manufacturing, and improves the quality of cams

with the progress of science and technology and the development of the times, automatic programming will gradually replace cumbersome manual programming. Automatic programming has high accuracy and efficiency, which is also the direction of mechanical processing in the future

introduction to the author; Wu Xiaoxing was born in 1960. He has been engaged in cad/cam numerical control operation and processing and numerical control technology for 20 years. He has undertaken the job of production site guidance, foreman, director of Technology Department, and now serves as workshop director, member of University Numerical Control Association, lecturer, etc

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