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Application of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer in the field of food packaging

Ruolin Fanghui, functional materials division of Japan Synthetic Chemical Industry Corporation, reported on the application of soa-rnol ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer in the field of food packaging:

"arnol after 2 months of storage" is a trademark of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer resin (EVOH) produced by Japan Synthetic Chemical Industry Corporation. Its chemical structure is a random copolymer of ethylene and vinyl alcohol, which is a resin that can be melt molded. It can be combined with polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon, polystyrene, polyester, etc. to restore the ecology and carry out the forming and processing of multi-layer films, sheets, bottles, hoses, pipes

"soar" not only has the gas barrier, oil resistance and transparency of polyvinyl alcohol, but also maintains the moisture resistance and melt extrusion processability of ethylene components. It is widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics packaging, pesticide containers and other packaging containers

"soarnol" has high barrier not only to oxygen, but also to a variety of gases. Is it also resistant? Oil resistance is also recently used in plastic automotive fuel tanks, thereby expanding its field of non food use. In addition, the structural components of "soarnol" are only carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, which do not produce toxic gases after combustion, and the combustion heat is about half of that of polyethylene. In terms of environmental protection, it is concerned about the manufacturing of upstream raw materials and polymers and the sales of resin, fiber and film products

in order to continuously improve the processing stability of "soarnol", Japan Synthetic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. has carried out continuous concrete and micro exploration, such as reducing crystal point formation, reducing decomposition, stabilizing viscosity, and improving coloring performance

"soarnol TM" has been selected as the manufacturing material of plastic fuel tank by the European large plastic fuel tank manufacturer and the Toyota series plastic fuel tank manufacturer FTS company (the company is headquartered in inazawa City, Aichi county), which once again confirms the high insulation and thermal stability of soarnol

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September 12

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