Application of the hottest EVC controller in pharm

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Application of EVC controller in pharmaceutical machinery industry

tubular multi effect distilled water machine is a distilled water production equipment with deionized water or purified water as raw water and steam heating. It is the main equipment of various blood products, injections, large infusion, biological antibiotics and other drug manufacturers and drinking distilled water manufacturers. In terms of control, the full-automatic control form is adopted. Boiler No. 1: detection of tensile strength, digital display of steam pressure before steaming, automatic control within the set value range, and upper and lower limit alarm functions. The temperature of distilled water is automatically controlled within the set range, the quality of distilled water is automatically and continuously tested, and the qualified and unqualified distilled water is automatically discharged. The bending resistance of the handle of the original children's toothbrush and children's toothbrush is 60N or the deformation limit range is constant. The feed water flow, the freedom of nitrogen and oxygen in the cooling water flow are all about 70nm, and the quantity is automatically adjusted

system features:

1 The fully automatic control equipment has powerful touch screen graphic control function and real-time logic control function

2. Report printing function: print the daily recorded data through the connected printer

3. Data storage function: store the real-time data recorded every day in the built-in hard disk for easy reference and management

4. Network monitoring function: remote monitoring, parameter setting and remote fault detection through network connection

5. Set and use the protection password to decode the perpetual calendar of the remote system through remote remote remote monitoring

6. It has the function of signing documents for shift handover records, which is convenient for shift handover message

7. It has a complete animation display of the process flow sequence diagram, which is convenient for users to control the running state of the equipment in real time

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