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The application of FCS control system in the textile project process

▲ adopts the DeviceNet system of Rockwell company and 1336force frequency converter, which improves the production efficiency

▲ FCS takes the whole system as the starting point to ensure the quality of products (including melt conveying, spinning, post-processing and other links), So that the quality of products can compete with international excellent brands to ensure that they can be filled smoothly on the high-speed active filling machine

▲ we use the bus to communicate with each variable-frequency power. Monitor the speed of the system, ensure the tension balance of the tow, and ensure the quality of the tow

▲ FCS monitors the whole system in a network way, so that the chain operation, fault handling, instrument control, etc. of the whole system can fully meet the requirements of the process, and ensure the quality of the tow in the second stage from 2021 to 2025

▲ FCS aims to serve the whole plant and even the whole head office, It can monitor the operation of on-site equipment and understand the operation and quality of the production line anywhere in the company, Easy to control and manage production


fcs control system, so the characteristics of accuracy system

▲ open system

▲ interoperability and interoperability: equipment from different manufacturers are replaced with each other

▲ intelligence and autonomy of field equipment: field equipment complete the basic functions of automatic control

▲ decentralized system structure

▲ adaptability to the field environment: strong anti-interference ability and intrinsic safety ability

▲ intellectualization of local equipment can save hardware investment and quantity

▲ save installation costs and cables

▲ save daily maintenance costs

▲ improve the accuracy and reliability of the system

protect equipment from rusting

▲ improve users' system integration initiative

fcs' promotion of the control system

▲ lead to the innovation of the traditional control system structure

- form a network integrated fully distributed control System FCS

▲ challenge the traditional DCS structure

- overcome the disadvantage that the products of various manufacturers in DCS cannot be interconnected, and realize large-scale information sharing

▲ have a high measurement and control capability index

- realize the integration of management and control

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