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Accenture: 80% of enterprises believe that 5g has a far-reaching impact, and partner assistance is the key to success.

according to the latest research of Accenture, nearly 80% of enterprises believe that the development of 5g technology will have a significant impact on enterprises, but safety and cost are still issues of concern to enterprises

Accenture conducted research on more than 2600 enterprise decision makers in 12 industries in Europe, North America and the Asia Pacific region. The results showed that 79% of the respondents believed that 5g technology would have an important impact; 57% of the respondents agreed that this impact would be expressed by the percentage of the standard distance of the revolution, compared with 24% of the respondents who said they had the same view on 4G technology

however, although they are optimistic about the development of 5g, more than one-third (35%) of enterprise respondents expressed concern about the safety of 5g, up from 32% last year. In order to effectively address the challenges, three quarters (74%) of the respondents said that with the development of 5g, they would redefine the security policies and processes of their enterprises

at the same time, the additional cost generated to adapt to 5g technology is also an important consideration for enterprise managers, of which 5g operation cost has become a common concern of enterprises. Four fifths (80%) of the respondents believe that the management cost of enterprise IT infrastructure and application process in the direction of jing10 West Road/2 Huannan road will rise; Nearly one third (31%) of the respondents believed that the early implementation cost of 5g was too high

the study also found that enterprises began to realize that in order to fully unleash the potential of 5g, they also need the support of external forces. For example, nearly three quarters (72%) of the respondents said that they needed partners to help them conceive the future possibilities of 5g interconnection solutions together; The proportion of enterprises that want to develop 5g applications by themselves fell from 23% last year to 14% this year

globally, enterprises have generally recognized the great potential of 5g. Although 5g faces many challenges, the prospects of enterprises embracing this technology are brighter. 5g can bring a lot of benefits, and people's awareness of it is also constantly improving. For example, 85% of the respondents said they hoped to use 5g technology to support field staff in the next four years, which was significantly higher than 68% last year

Zhu Hong, President of Accenture Greater China Communications, media and high technology division, said: relying on the correct business strategy and ecosystem collaboration, 5g application scenarios will be richer and considerable business results can be achieved. In order to seize this opportunity and release the growth potential of 5g, communication service providers should take immediate actions and play an important role in the ecosystem

about research methods

in December 2019, Accenture interviewed 2623 enterprise decision makers from 12 industries around the world, in order to understand the understanding, application status and attitude towards the potential impact of 5g technology. The questions in this interview are the same as the research report released in 2019, but more in-depth research has been carried out in the fields of security, consulting and so on

about Accenture

is an important part of accelerating economic and social transformation and development.

Accenture company, registered in Ireland, is a leading professional service company in the world, providing customers with strategic, consulting, digital, technical and operational services and solutions. Based on the cutting edge of business and technology, our business covers more than 40 industries and various functions of the daily operation Department of the enterprise. With unique industry experience and professional skills, as well as leading global delivery networks, we help customers improve performance and continue to create value for stakeholders. Accenture is one of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises. It has about 505000 employees in front of the combined and intelligent plastic granulator, serving customers in more than 120 countries. We are committed to driving innovation to improve the way people work and live

Accenture has been doing business in Greater China for more than 30 years, with a workforce of more than 16000 people distributed in many cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taipei. As a reliable and excellent partner in digital transformation, we are more innovatively participating in the construction of business and technology ecosystems, helping Chinese enterprises and governments grasp the power of digitalization, realize transformation through formulating strategies, optimizing processes, integrating systems, deploying cloud computing, etc., and enhance global competitiveness, so as to gain a foothold in China and win globally

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