The world's natural rubber production is expected

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In the next three years, it is expected that the global natural rubber production will show a downward trend

as the production of the original planting areas in the main rubber producing countries is affected by the planting projects, the natural rubber production will decrease. It is expected that the global natural rubber production will decrease in the next three years, and the prices of tires, rubber gloves and other related products, which have led the country of the Orient for several times, will also rise

affected by the increasing variety, tight supply and bad weather of configuring corresponding accessories for thermal insulation strip tension, tensile strength and shear tests, TOCOM futures in the past six months 2 Online tips "The failure to open the equipment almost doubled, from 105 yen/kg in December 2008 to 202.9 yen/kg.

in addition, it is necessary to consider the impact of market sentiment on the market. According to experts, the two main factors affecting the supply of natural rubber are planting area and per unit yield, which has been continuously reduced for some time. At the same time, as alternative rubber trees have been fully developed, there is limited room for further improvement of the per unit yield of existing rubber trees.

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