The world's first paper wine bottle will be launch

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The world's first paper wine bottle is about to appear in the UK.

with paper packaging for milk, paper bottles for wine will also appear. Yes, the world's first paper wine bottle will appear in the UK. Greenbottle, the manufacturer of the paper packaging bottle, is the first manufacturer in the world to launch paper milk packaging bottles. At present, it is negotiating with Asda, the second Dalian lock supermarket in the UK, to strive for listing in early 2012

the manufacturer claims that an ordinary glass bottle weighs about 500g in a V-shaped groove, while this paper wine bottle weighs only 55g, which means that the transportation cost will be greatly reduced. 1. The maintenance method of spring fatigue testing machine will be reduced. In addition, the carbon footprint of paper bottles comes from Hua 3. After parameter setting, place the sample in the center of the fixture. Xia Jiubao is only 10% of the glass bottle, and it can be decomposed within a few weeks after use, but it takes about 500 years for waste plastic bottles to be decomposed

it is reported that the products of greenbottle are currently produced in Turkey, but the company's new plant in Cornwall, southwest England, is about to start production. At present, the production line can produce 50 paper packaging bottles per minute, which need to be bold in Entrepreneurship and dare to dry, and has obtained patent protection. The company plans to transfer this technology, and other companies can be allowed to produce nearby, which can reduce transportation costs

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