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[China Packaging News] with the rise of shopping, various express delivery and packaging logistics came into being. As a new vocabulary, logistics packaging is no longer unfamiliar to us in real life, but what is logistics packaging? To understand logistics packaging, we have to understand what is packaging first, and then we can know the relationship between logistics and packaging and what is logistics packaging: packaging is a general term of work that protects products in the logistics process, facilitates storage and transportation, promotes sales, and uses containers, materials and auxiliary materials to package and properly pack and mark items according to certain technical methods. In short, packaging is the general term of packaging materials and packaging operations

I. the status of packaging in logistics

in the process of social reproduction, packaging is at the end of the production process and the beginning of the logistics process, which is both the end of production and the beginning of logistics

before the formation of modern logistics concept, packaging was naturally regarded as the end of production. Therefore, it has always been an activity in the field of production. The design of packaging often starts from the requirements of the end of production, so it often cannot meet the requirements of circulation. Logistics research believes that the relationship between packaging and logistics is much closer than that between packaging and production, and its significance as the starting point of logistics is much greater than that as the end point of production. Therefore, packaging should enter the logistics system, which is a new concept of modern logistics

II. Characteristics and functions of packaging

three characteristics of packaging: protection, unit concentration and convenience

the four functions of packaging: protecting goods, facilitating logistics, promoting sales, and facilitating consumption

III. classification of packaging

packaging can generally be divided into:

Commercial Packaging: it is a packaging with the main purpose of promoting sales. This kind of packaging is characterized by beautiful appearance and necessary decoration. The packaging unit is suitable for the purchase volume of customers and the requirements of store furnishings. In the process of lightening mobile cars, the closer the goods are to customers, the more the packaging is required to promote sales

transportation packaging: refers to the packaging for the purpose of strengthening transportation and protecting products. The important feature of transportation packaging is to make the packaging cost as low as possible on the basis of meeting the requirements that the dynamic change of the logistics safety belt tensile testing machine is displayed on the corresponding screen. He said that when the force value reaches the maximum value of the tensile broken column of the sample, the sample is broken and the machine stops running. Therefore, we must find the best effect between packaging cost and logistics loss

in addition, according to the protection technology of packaging, it can be divided into moisture-proof packaging, rust proof packaging, insect proof packaging, anti-corrosion packaging, shock proof packaging, dangerous goods packaging, etc

IV. packaging materials

paper and paper products: kraft paper, cellophane, vegetable parchment, asphalt paper, paperboard, corrugated board

plastics and plastic products: polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, calcium plastic materials

wood and wood products

metal: tinned sheet, coated iron, aluminum alloy

glass, ceramics


the original packaging is mainly to better serve logistics, and logistics packaging has so many requirements and related classifications. After reading the above information, I believe you also have a new positioning and analysis of logistics packaging. If you want to know more relevant information, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to Chinese packaging

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