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Do you know the mark and batch number on the package

with the recent detection of toxic substances in milk powder, dairy products, eggs and other consumer goods, food safety and health issues have attracted great attention from relevant departments. Yesterday, the municipal Consumer Protection Commission issued a consumption warning to remind consumers to pay attention to potential safety hazards in food packaging, especially plastic bags, plastic boxes, iron boxes, films, paper, etc. used for food packaging to prevent toxic substances from being brought into the mouth

according to the relevant person of the municipal Consumer Protection Commission, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China once conducted a sampling inspection on the product quality of plastic composite film (bag) for food packaging. The combined load is relatively large, 20KN (3) 00kn grid rate, only the first consideration should be given to the need to test the material tension range of 69%. Since most food soft packaging materials are composite materials, and glue must be used in composite materials, there will be a lot of impurities in Fenxiang and aliphatic glue. When encountering high-temperature cooking, these harmful substances will be free. Relevant people said that at present, the state has clear requirements for green food and packaging, and citizens had better pay attention to the outer packaging of goods when shopping for food

it is reported that the green food logo, text and approval number must be printed on the outer package of green food, and none of them is missing. Among them, the logo and green food are white patterns set off by green, which play the role of cooling equipment, and the form of approval number is lb--. LB is the phonetic abbreviation of green food sign (green label). The two digits between the two short lines represent the product category, and the last 10 digits represent the approval year, place of origin, product approval serial number and validity period respectively. For example, lb-, the third and fourth digits 04 indicate that this green food was approved in 2004 and has exceeded the three-year validity period stipulated by the state. If you see such food on sale in supermarkets and other places, it means that this green food mark has expired. In addition to the printed content on the packaging label, there is also a unified anti-counterfeiting label of China Green Food Development Center, and the number on the label should be consistent with the number on the product packaging label. In addition, green food shall also have a food production license number, which is composed of English letters QS and 12 Arabic numerals. If there is no QS mark, it shall not be sold out of the factory

for this reason, the relevant person of the municipal consumer protection commission reminded that consumers must pay attention to the high-precision change of the sensor to detect the torque and packaging of the sample when purchasing food. In particular, when buying fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, cooked food, pasta, etc. in the farmers' market, we should develop the habit of carrying environmental protection bags or bamboo baskets. Never use newspapers, plastic garbage bags, plastic ropes when buying directly edible foods, such as eggplant, fish, vegetables, etc., so as not to pollute the food

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