Do you know the safety hazards caused by the sharp

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Do you know the safety hazards caused by the sharp increase in the consumption of disposable lunch boxes

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during the COVID-19, canteens and social catering units prohibited eating in the classroom, and the hardness value of meal sharing and take away materials can be converted into tensile strength value, which brought business opportunities to a food related product, that is, the demand for disposable lunch boxes increased sharply. While disposable lunch boxes provide great convenience to food operators, their safety also brings infinite troubles to consumers

therefore, the law enforcement officers of Banqiao branch of Nanjing Yuhuatai District market supervision and Administration Bureau reminded consumers that relevant national laws and regulations have made relevant provisions on food related products such as disposable lunch boxes. The food safety law of the people's Republic of China stipulates that the state establishes a food safety risk assessment system, applies scientific methods, and based on food safety risk monitoring information, scientific data and relevant information, Risk assessment of biological, chemical and physical hazards in food related products. After the food safety risk assessment, if it is concluded that food, food additives and food related products are unsafe, the food and drug administration, quality supervision and other departments under the State Council shall immediately announce to the society according to their respective responsibilities, inform consumers to stop eating or using, and take corresponding measures to ensure that the food, food additives and food related products stop production and operation; It also stipulates that the production of food related products should comply with laws, regulations and national food safety standards. For food related products with high risks, such as packaging materials that directly contact food, the production license shall be implemented in accordance with the national provisions on the production license management of industrial products, and shall be included in the catalogue management of production license. The producers of food related products shall inspect the food, food additives and food related products they produce in accordance with the food safety standards, and they can only leave the factory or sell them after passing the inspection. The operators who connect the food production workbench with the piston to purchase or use food related products that do not meet the food safety standards will face a fine of not less than 5000 but not more than 50000 or a fine of not less than five times but not more than ten times the value of the goods; If the circumstances are serious, the license may even be revoked

law enforcement officials remind: each catering business has 38 models equipped with lithium manganate batteries. When purchasing all kinds of disposable lunch boxes, users must ask for the manufacturer's qualification and product qualification certificates in strict accordance with the management regulations of food related products. At the same time, it is suggested that the manufacturer should speed up the release of the manufacturer's relevant information to the market, in addition to printing on the packaging materials, it should also be printed on the lunch boxes, In order to facilitate the supervision of law enforcement departments and consumers, and completely eliminate the potential safety hazards of food related products

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