Do you know the three unloading methods of the hot

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How do you know the three unloading methods of conveyor

there are three common unloading methods for conveyors. Next, I'd better exclude human factors. Let's introduce them in detail:

1 Gravity type: when h R1, point P is located outside the outer edge of the hopper, the gravity is greater than the centrifugal force, and the material flows outward along the inner wall of the hopper

2. Centrifugal: when h, point P is located in the circumference of the head wheel, the centrifugal force is greater than gravity, and the material moves along the outer wall of the hopper

3. Hybrid type: at R2, point P is located between the circumference of the head wheel and the outer edge of the hopper mechanical fatigue spring testing machine. The connecting cam of the electromechanical and reducer drives the connecting rod to move back and forth. The materials close to the outer wall are thrown out by centrifugal force, and the materials close to the inner wall are unloaded by self weight

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