Do you know the ten most easily damaged parts of t

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Do you know the ten most easily damaged parts of a car

1. Oil filter

replacement cycle: every maintenance (km)

this is not explained much. It is basically replaced every time. If the oil filter is not changed frequently, the old oil containing impurities will be added to the circulation of the new oil, polluting the new oil, reducing the quality and effect of the new oil, and damaging the engine over time

2. Air filter

replacement cycle: km (clean it every 2000 km or so, and the car wash is free)

air filter is also called air filter element, which is easy to be confused with the air filter mentioned below, so it is difficult to clamp these components and adjust the filter. The function of the air filter is to filter the dust and impurities in the air to ensure that the engine cylinder can absorb sufficient and clean air. If it is not replaced frequently, the dust will be sucked into the engine, which will accelerate the wear of the piston group and cylinder, reduce the power performance and increase the fuel consumption

3. Fuel filter element

replacement cycle: about 50000 kilometers (each car is different, see the manual for details)

the function of fuel filter is just as the name suggests to filter out impurities in fuel - everyone knows the quality of oil products in China. If there are too many impurities in gasoline and diesel, the fuel injection nozzle will be blocked, resulting in poor fuel supply; If the filtering effect of the fuel filter is not good, and impurities enter the engine, it will increase fuel consumption, reduce power, and then damage the engine

4. Air conditioning filter

replacement cycle: twice a year (pay attention to frequent replacement or cleaning where there is haze)

the function of air conditioning filter is to filter particles, pollen, exhaust gas and other harmful substances that enter the air inside the car from outside the car, improve the air quality inside the car, and be conducive to the health of drivers and passengers - and this thing is not expensive. You can have one in the car and replace it yourself

5. Spark plug

replacement cycle: 30000 km for ordinary spark plugs, and 30000 km for platinum and iridium spark plugs

fire. If the noise is too loud, it may affect the normal work of workers. The spark plug is one of the key components of the automobile ignition system, and the ignition system is the key point of the engine work. Therefore, the performance of the spark plug is related to the performance and efficiency of the whole vehicle. If you find it difficult to start the car early in the morning, there is an obvious sense of frustration during driving, idle speed jitter or engine acceleration performance decline, you should check whether the spark plug should be replaced in time

6. The replacement of timing belt

depends on the fiber content cycle: it varies from vehicle to vehicle. Generally, check and replace the timing belt when it is 10000 km

the timing belt is responsible for the accurate coordination of key parts of the engine, which is very important to the normal operation of the engine. Once the timing belt is damaged, the valve and ignition work will stop or be out of order, and the engine will not work. In serious cases, the cylinder head will be damaged - if this happens, the engine needs overhaul

7. Wiper

replacement cycle: when the wiper is not clean or scratched

although the wiper is an inconspicuous small part, it should be used as soon as it rains. Car wipers are easy to age after exposure to the sun and rain. If they are not cleaned, their vision and driving safety will be affected. Usually, the wiper needs to be replaced after half a year of use - but there are also some high-quality brands that can be used for a longer time. For example, it is very good to recommend this one by bender. Really

8. Brake pad

replacement cycle: about 50000 km (mainly related to the braking frequency)

the braking effect is good or bad by the brake pad and the tire, so normal tires and good brake pads are the "protector" of people and cars. Always check the brake pads. There are often many problems to see if they need to be replaced. Generally speaking, cars have brake warning pads. When the brake pads are worn out, the car will make a harsh metal friction sound. In this case, the brake pads must be replaced

9. Tyre

replacement cycle: the use time is no more than 3 years, and the mileage is no more than 100000 km

the importance of tyres is self-evident, while the replacement cycle of tyres of different brands is not particularly accurate in terms of time and kilometers. The wear and aging of tyres are closely related to the use condition and driving environment of vehicles. But there are obvious situations: for example, when the tire is worn to the wear limit mark, there are bulges, chaps, and too many tire repairs, the tire must be replaced

10. Replacement cycle of various lamps and lubricants: the bulb must be replaced if it is broken; Lubricating oil change cycle is more different

it is the habit of brother Wan with obsessive-compulsive disorder to gather enough 10 "dragon balls" - so put the bulb and lubricating oil together. The importance of all kinds of low beam, high beam, fog lamp and turn signal lamp is self-evident. Don't save that little money. If it breaks down, it must be replaced in time; In addition to engine oil, the lubricating oil such as brake oil, transmission oil and power steering oil should be checked frequently to see if they need to be replaced or filled? Antifreeze and wiper should also be added in time

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