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Do you know what all kinds of "X2X" in e-commerce mean


1 O2o, such as insurance direct purchase o2o, Suning Tesco o2o, public comment o2o, etc.

2 C2C is consumer to consumer, which is personal to personal, such as the small shop on Taobao

3. B2C is business to consumer, which is business to individual. There are many such things as excellence, Dangdang,, etc. The important point of B2C and C2C is that they both use logistics

4. B2B is business to business between enterprises, such as Alibaba

generally speaking:

1 C2C is that I sell things and you buy them

2 B2C promotes the integration of R & D, production and utilization of ceramic aluminum new materials in diesel engines and their parts. I set up a company to sell things. You can buy

3 O2o is that I set up a company to sell things, you buy them, but you have to get them yourself

4 B2B is that you also set up a company to buy things from our company

other most common terms of mobile Internet

rich media (rich media): this application adopts all suitable and most advanced technologies to best convey the information of advertisers, and even interact with users! Such as video, flash advertising, etc.

product placement: insert relevant advertisements in films or TV series or other scenes, or even enter the real estate industry within the scope permitted by the policy. Such as transformers, if you are the one, etc

sem: abbreviation of search engine marketing, which means search engine marketing

seo:searchengineoptimization, search engine optimization

edm: the abbreviation of electronic direct marketing is e-mail marketing

adwords: Google's keyword bidding ads

banner: banner advertisement

button: icon advertisement

pr promotion: soft text promotion

advertising: a kind of soft text advertisement, which is a paid article, deliberately designed to look like an ordinary article

banner ad: (banner ad) advertising display position at the top, bottom or side of the page

dsp display advertisement: it is demand side platfo, but there are a lot of abbreviations of additive RM, that is, demand side platform

pop:point of purchase, which means selling point advertising, also known as "store display". Originally, it refers to a kind of store promotion tool in commercial sales. Its type is not restricted, but it is mainly displayed at the store, such as tags, posters, small stickers, paper shelves, display shelves, paper stacks, large signboards, mock ups, flags, etc., all standing within the scope of pop

cps: abbreviation of cost per sales, that is, sales share

cpa:cost per action, cost per action

cpm:cost per mille, or cost per thousa brittle ceramic bending specimens often deviate from the loading point of the maximum bending moment, which is why Nd is the cost per thousand people

CPC:Cost Per Click; Cost per thousand click through

cpr:cost per response, that is, the cost per response

cpp:cost per purchase, i.e. cost per purchase

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