Do you know when construction machinery and equipm

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Do you know when the construction machinery and equipment need to be overhauled

one of my equipment is in condition

when I go to the overhaul plant

I want to tell the world loudly

yes, yes, yes

unlimited brands, unlimited models

all can

however, when should the equipment be overhauled?

in fact, not every boss 3 The scope of stress testing is clear

let's have a brief discussion with you today ~

many bosses or machine operators in the construction machinery industry will consult, saying that their machines are weak, emitting blue smoke and burning oil, and the machines can't work. They are very distressed

in fact, these are all signs of wear of machine cylinders. As long as proper maintenance is carried out, the power will be restored. As for overhaul, bosses may wish to take a look at the following contents first

01. What is the overhaul of diesel engine?

"overhaul" refers to the replacement of the four supporting parts of the engine cylinder, bearing shells, seals, grinding or replacement of deformed parts. "Four matching" refers to: cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, piston pin, piston pin snap ring, cylinder liner water stop ring and other parts

02. Why overhaul the engine

it can be seen that the overhaul is mainly to replace the easily worn parts in the cylinder. So, what are the most easily worn parts? First of all, several mating parts in the cylinder [piston - piston ring], [piston ring - or when the valve tip is not tightly closed with the hole - cylinder liner], [piston - piston pin]

among these fits, the most easily worn is the [piston ring cylinder liner] fit. There are three piston rings, two gas rings and one oil ring, which play the roles of gas sealing, heat conduction, lubrication and oil scraping. Once worn, there will be air leakage (causing the vehicle to be weak and difficult to start) and oil leakage into the combustion chamber (blue smoke and oil burning)

[piston piston ring] matching is easy to deposit carbon. The piston chamber needs to run back and forth quickly. The quality of the steel bar is very important to the country for the impurities of mechanical wear, and the carbides left by the impurities of air intake accumulate in the gap of the piston ring. Over time, it causes the piston ring to shift, slide, and then strain the cylinder liner. The worst result is cylinder biting, cylinder pulling, cylinder falling off, etc

[piston and piston pin] generally, there is no problem, but there have been some cases of missing snap rings, and the result is to directly break the cylinder block

03. Under what circumstances do you need to overhaul the engine

1, the whole vehicle is weak

2, blue smoke

3, oil burning

having two backup rollers is not absolute, of course, the above is not absolute, and the final judgment should be made in combination with the use of the machine

generally speaking, when the machine is working in earthwork and under normal maintenance, hourly overhaul is normal. If the mine,, uses low-quality filter elements and does not maintain them in time, it may need to be overhauled after 4000 hours. In addition, if the new car is worn out early due to excessive work during the running in period, it will need to be overhauled in hundreds of hours

of course, if your construction machinery vehicle breaks down, it's best to find the after-sales service of the vehicle or consult the personnel first, so as to better judge whether the vehicle has a major fault

: Lu Jinsheng

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