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Ketianyun: do you really understand the integrated call center solution?

If enterprises want to provide good services to customers, they must establish channels for direct communication with users. The most convenient and fast way is communication, so call center is an important means to improve customer service quality

referring to the call center, are you still worried about building a complete call center system and buying a lot of equipment? Are there any systems that can't support app calls, can't provide mobile services, and face the problems of different terminals and lines

the integrated solution is extremely simple and beautiful

with rich experience in the development and operation of contact centers, after years of industry experience accumulation and the precipitation of a large number of enterprise customers' needs, ketianyun has tailored an extremely simple and beautiful integrated contact center solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, 400 customer service centers, and inbound and outbound mixed contact centers. Adapt to the needs of rapid deployment and launch of business, help enterprises improve business operation mode, improve production efficiency, and quickly establish competitive advantages. One server can have a complete call center system, making business expansion accompanied by the steady growth of the number of customers

with 90% high gloss and cost-effective integration

using the all IP structure, the soft switch, CTI, ACD, IVR, CRM, recording, automatic outbound call, work order, statistical report, monitoring, quality inspection, knowledge base, training and examination and other components are integrated on one server

support, page, app, H5, SMS and other multi-channel access, unified routing and queuing

unified customer operation management support

through automatic IVR Intelligent routing and other functions, automatically match the most appropriate customer service personnel

based on unified customer information management, automatically call out the previous communication records, such as: historical records, historical work orders, historical summaries, recordings and other information

provide unified large screen monitoring of the seat's detailed call status, queue status and so on; Unified recording query and management; Unified seats, skill groups, relay report presentation

feature functions meet customization needs

app call SIP and PSTN are supported, supporting multi tenant mode, home identification routing, VIP strategy routing, history first

customizable customer service interface, customized work orders, customer high seas pool, knowledge base, black and white list, monitoring large screen

support page webrtc Free switching of IP phone call mode

support functions such as number hiding, encryption and interface AES encryption, support docking with cloud lines, and realize intelligent line selection and outbound call

convenient integration of open interface

adopt HTTP based interface mode, provide real-time caller number, history, recording push, one click outbound call API, report interface API, user operation API, and embed the soft strip based on b/s structure into the customer system, Convenient and fast integration with customer CRM system

support general s to provide voltage for the weighing sensor and load signal IP protocol for the machine, and be compatible with standard SIP protocol voice switch, telephone, billing, Vos, SBC and other devices; The coding supports opusg.711ug.711ag.722g.729, etc., and supports dual tone multi frequency DTM to promote all regions to increase financial support for the recycling of express packages f (rfc2833) 9 Compare the measured size of each product. The single machine supports seats within 200

the solution of Ketian cloud integrated contact center has the characteristics of high cost performance, convenient deployment, perfect functions, simple and easy to use, maintenance free, and support for hybrid cloud. Please call for more services and functions

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