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Zhou Zhen: the scientific instrument industry makes people happy and worried

the state attaches great importance to scientific instruments and has set up special projects. Some instrument development enterprises and original R & D teams have greatly benefited from it, which has greatly promoted the development of scientific instruments

however, some units that were not necessarily capable of development have also begun to invest in it. Therefore, some new problems have been raised (there may be similar problems in many fields. Some people are omnipotent talents, and they belong to the same field in which they have money)

1. Scientific instrument development talents are originally limited. What should we do if talents are limited? Some units started from scratch and immediately recruited people to join. However, the dynamic fatigue testing machine and electro-hydraulic servo message universal testing machine were particularly prominent in the army of scientific instrument development, which made the few people more dispersed. Some units have raised their wages and raised the cost of talents to a certain level

talent training often takes time, and many of them need to be recruited from the talents of electronics, machinery, optics and software; It also takes time to understand the requirements of the scientific instrument industry. Theoretically, if these people stay well and become R & D talents of scientific instruments, it will be good in the long run from the perspective of talent training. However, 1. The influence variable of the moisture content of wood flour on the production of seeds. Some people will change jobs during the training process, especially those who change jobs are not willing to accept a new job with a lower salary because they originally received a higher salary without reaching a certain level. It has an impact on the development of the industry and the development of individuals. The former requires faster development and higher wages in the industry. The latter is likely to be difficult for this person to find a suitable and satisfactory job in the future

2. In order to participate in the project competition, some units have unreasonably raised the indicators of the instruments to be developed, or put forward new concepts in order to get the project and continuously lead the development of the industry. The negative impact is that, on the one hand, the leaders think that the domestic level is really high, and it is possible to develop by leaps and bounds, so they have unreasonable expectations and expectations; On the other hand, the units that are really making instruments do not necessarily apply for the subject, or they are considered to be of low level

in fact, scientific instrument development needs a good team foundation and a good industrial foundation, both of which are difficult to develop to a higher level in a short time. Scientific instruments are a catch-up process in our country. As long as the performance of instruments is stable, even if the technical indicators are poor, they will be very good. There is already a good reference. There is no need to raise higher indicators or new concepts

the scientific instrument industry cannot become a money burning industry like the IT industry; The scientific instrument industry should not be an industry eager for quick success and instant benefit

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