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Science: the growth of scientific research funds is difficult to solve the weakness of enterprise innovation

although China's R & D funds have increased substantially year by year, the independent innovation ability of domestic enterprises has not been fundamentally improved. The experts participating in the summit forum "rising power - independent innovation strategy leading the internationalization of Chinese enterprises" organized by science magazine believe that

according to the spring testing machine of the National Bureau of statistics, which is mainly used to test and analyze the tensile force, pressure, displacement, stiffness and other strength of precision springs such as tension spring, compression spring, disc spring, tower spring, leaf spring, clip spring, leaf spring, composite spring, gas spring, mold spring, anisotropic spring, and the statistical bulletin of national science and technology investment in 2008 issued by the Ministry of science and technology and other units, in 2008, China's total social research and experimental development (RD) investment was 461.6 billion yuan, an increase of 24.4% over the previous year; The ratio of RD expenditure to GDP reached a record 1.54%

however, at the "rising power" forum, yangbailing, former vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out that although the export trade of high-tech products of Chinese enterprises is rising, the share of foreign-funded enterprises has increased significantly, from 59% in 1996 to 89% in 2007

according to Yang Boling, who was in charge of the high-tech development of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and cooperation with local governments, only the business community can finally promote independent innovation, because they are most sensitive to the signals of the market and have the ability to truly apply science and technology to practice and turn them into products

however, Yang Boling pointed out that Chinese enterprises generally lack R & D capabilities, and less than three tenthousand of local enterprises have established R & D centers. Most enterprises rely more on short-term and fast technology introduction, which can realize rapid sales of products. He cited a large textile enterprise he had visited recently as an example. Not only were textile machinery and technology imported, but all the screws in the factory also came from foreign countries

however, this method can only make Chinese enterprises follow the foreign giants, and homogenization and price war are often the price they have to pay

China's national R & D institutions and universities have reserved considerable strength in scientific research, and the national scientific research funds have also increased 154 thermoplastic pipes and pipe fittings for hot and cold water systems. According to the data of the Ministry of science and technology, the state is expected to invest 176.1 billion yuan in scientific research in 2009, an increase of 25.6% year-on-year

but Yang bailing does not think they can replace enterprises. He metaphorically said that from R & D to pilot test to product listing, the resources needed to be invested are 1:10:100. It is unrealistic for scientific research institutions to invest in the latter 100, and they will also risk not being able to grasp the market trend. On the other hand, scientific research institutions also lack the necessary technology for product production

Nanjing Institute of technology should not look directly at the launch port. Ouyang Pingkai, President of Nanjing Institute of technology and academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, pointed out that the investment in scientific research projects is increasing, but they are often not connected with each other. For example, in the major science and technology special water project with billions of yuan of investment, many subjects are studying how to solve the pollution problem of Taihu Lake through water transfer, but there is no research on the application of chemical technology to solve the pollution discharge. This makes it difficult for relevant enterprises to improve their R & D capabilities through scientific research projects

according to the introduction that the participating experts made it possible to process completely different resins, due to the lack of scientific research ability of enterprises, even for industrialization oriented scientific and technological projects, the investment direction of funds also depends on the judgment of experts from scientific research institutes, and some institutions will inevitably consider how to obtain scientific research funds from the perspective of departmental interests, rather than how to maximize social benefits through combination with enterprises

Yang bailing hopes to have a group of local enterprises focusing on R & D as a model to promote more Chinese enterprises to develop independent R & D capabilities. He believes that the R & D strength of Huawei, ZTE and other companies has begun to take shape

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