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China's first laboratory "scientific instrument resource sharing platform" went online

it was learned from the 11th Dongli Lake forum held in Tianjin that the "Dongli large-scale scientific instrument resource sharing platform", one of the five innovative service platforms in Dongli District, Tianjin, was officially launched yesterday. The platform integrates the whole industry chain links such as university R & D, instrument manufacturing, instrument service supply and demand, and instrument auxiliary support. Based on matching scientific instrument services, promote the R & D upgrading and market promotion of domestic scientific instruments, assist colleges and universities in original R & D and establish industry standards, and drive the informatization and intelligent upgrading of scientific and technological service industry. With the interconnected service of scientific instrument resources, the scientific and technological innovation potential of the market will be fully released

it is understood that the platform is a shared service platform for "Internet scientific instruments" led by Dongli District government, supported by Tianjin University, and built and operated by Dexin Zhian (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd. For a long time, many experimental equipment introduced or developed by laboratories and scientific research institutions in some colleges and universities across the country are faced with the problems of high idle rate, low utilization rate of scientific research and unable to reflect the value of scientific research. However, some scientific research institutes lack scientific research equipment due to lack of funds and other reasons, making it difficult to carry out relevant research. At the same time, social enterprises are in a critical period of industrial transformation and upgrading, and the demand for scientific and technological innovation is increasing day by day. Therefore, there is a serious information asymmetry between the supplier and the demander of scientific instrument services. The launch of the platform will cover the existing resources of instrument service institutions, expand domestic instrument R & D and production enterprises, and provide channels for domestic instruments to develop high-end application markets. The instruments and facilities are displayed through the Internet platform, so that more scientific and technological enterprises lacking funds can obtain more fitting services. At the same time, scientific research institutes can also form an exclusive "scientific research resource community" to complete larger scientific research projects with the help of platform resources. In addition, in the past, the scientific instrument interconnection platform only had the function of information query and service matching, and lacked a customized service system for scientific instruments. The platform and the measurement control of outer diameter comprehensively reflected the above. At the same time, the structural contradiction of experimental machine products was also very prominent. In addition to the function of information release and index, the control accuracy and level could also provide customized services for the service end and the demand end, For example, the construction of laboratory intelligent management system, the supply of reagent consumables, and the maintenance of instruments will enhance the development of science and technology industry from the online and offline dimensions

it is reported that the platform takes the one-stop search of scientific and technological resources as the hub, covering five major service items: instrument service, detection service, consulting service, data service and training service, and focuses on establishing a service system for scientific researchers and scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises. Yesterday, the official landing on the platform saw that after a period of trial operation, the platform has initially reached more than 800 scientific instruments, with more than 1000 technical services, reaching the advantageous industrial level as soon as possible; For the light alloy seed materials, super functional fibers and other items that still have short boards, there are now more than 200 scientific research talents, and 102 franchise institutions have been injected. It is reported that with the increasing improvement of the platform and the continuous joining of institutions, the platform is expected to break through tens of thousands of instruments and service projects in June this year, so as to provide more comprehensive and high-quality high-tech instruments and services for laboratories, scientific research institutions and other institutions. On the homepage of the station, you can see that the platform provides three resource libraries: service library, instrument library and mechanism library. In the service library, six major testing services have been launched, including measurement testing, food testing, life science, material testing and environmental testing; In the instrument library, there are six instrument library services, including life science instruments, environmental testing instruments, tensile machine fixtures as an important part of instruments, analytical instruments, physical property testing instruments, etc; In the institutional library, it is noted that at present, national well-known industrial scientific research institutions such as Beijing Proteome Research Center, Hanmeng biology, School of pharmaceutical science and technology of Tianjin University and Tianjin basic medical research center have settled in the platform. "At present, the platform has attracted many scientific research institutions from Tianjin, Hebei and Beijing, which will comprehensively promote the cooperation and development in the field of scientific research in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, build a bridge of cooperation and exchange for more and more scientific research institutions and enterprises in the three places, and make the academic research cooperation among the three real estate industries deepen day by day." Du Kang, general manager of Dexin Zhian (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., the platform construction and operation organization, said

"The testing quality, sharing level and open service level of scientific instruments and equipment are important indicators to measure the environment and level of scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship in a region. According to the plan, by the middle of this year, the startup rate and sharing rate of large scientific instruments joined through the platform will be raised to the leading level, and the number of instrument service platforms connected with enterprises will exceed 30000, which will fully reduce the cost of enterprise R & D and achievement transformation, and meet the needs of users and machines of scientific and technological enterprises The demand for innovative use of interconnected scientific instruments and big data analysis will be created to double the existing number and scale of enterprises with core competitiveness and key technologies in the region. In the future, we will also focus on integrated services to create an organic combination of the Internet online service platform and offline customized precision instrument services. Among them, the offline services cover the laboratory intelligent management system, instrument operation and maintenance, reagent consumables supply, etc., and realize multi-dimensional intelligent customized services for the experimental process, data integration and analysis, instrument monitoring and other links to meet the needs of laboratory information management; Provide all-round maintenance, repair, application, supply and other operation support services for instruments and equipment. Create an innovative business model for the integration of Internet Science and technology resources. " Dukang told me

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