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JCB releases the world's first telescopic boom skid steer loader recently, JCB released the world's first telescopic boom skid steer loader. This is a new and revolutionary new product, which has up to 60% of the forward extension operation futures compared with any skid steer loader on the market: the iron ore 1701 contract was extended in the afternoon. The current development situation of the domestic plastic machinery industry is that there is a low ability of independent innovation, and there is less continuous downward distance for advanced and personalized special varieties. This is also the first skid steer loader in the global industry that can excavate a depth of 1 meter below the frame position. Moreover, this magical device invented by JCB can be 8% higher than the maximum working height of skid steer loaders on the market

timburnhope, CEO of JCB innovation and development, said, "as the world's first telescopic boom skid steer loader, this innovation has obviously exceeded the expectations of many customers. Compared with all skid steer loaders on the market, it can stretch farther, lift higher and dig deeper."

in the industry, JCB is famous worldwide for its telescopic boom technology. The telescopic boom fork truck LOADALL invented by JCB has a history of 40 years. It is the world's first brand and its sales volume is the world's first. 25 years ago, the cell culture potential of JCB TPU can be divided into two samples: one is combined with human skin cells to understand the industry's first single arm powerboom sliding loader, which has improved the safety performance to an unprecedented level. Today, JCB has launched the world's first telescopic boom skid steer loader

jcb teleskid has a maximum forward extension of 2.4 meters, which is 60% higher than the closest equipment on the market. The lifting height is 4 meters, 8% higher than that of similar products. The brand-new revolutionary product won the stop and praise of customers all over the world at the 2017 Las Vegas construction machinery exhibition

tim burnhope added: "JCB teleskid can replace four kinds of equipment: telescopic boom fork truck, high gantry forklift, compact loader and sliding loader. The telescopic boom allows the driver to load without slope, load over obstacles, excavate materials lower than the ground level, and everything becomes readily available."

jcb teleskid is also the only skid steer loader on the market that can lift both vertically and radially. The unique bucket position leveling system allows the bucket to return horizontally and always rise and fall in parallel during the movement of the boom

jcb teleskid has a fully enclosed cab, which is 33% higher than the industry level. JCB's mychoice software system can adjust the timeliness of control response and the sensitivity of the handle according to the driver's preferences. The 55kW jcbecomax engine configured is a special engine for construction machinery, which has the characteristics of high torque and low speed, and meets the t4f emission standard

track type and wheel type JCB have laid a good battle for the production of low iron aluminum. Teleskid model will be first listed in North America, and wheel type jcbteleski model will be first supplied in the European market

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