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JD artificial intelligence accelerator officially settled in Deqing to help local industrial upgrading

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"looking at the mountains and paddles, I don't know how far away, white deer among the flowers come to meet people." In the eyes of Ni Zan, a poet in the late Yuan and early Ming Dynasties, Deqing is naturally quiet and heaven and man are one. The unity of heaven and man is that human beings can establish a relationship between what they perceive and right and wrong, that is, to perceive right and wrong. The first three revolutions of mankind: agriculture, industry and information industry are all changes in this dimension, while the fourth revolution can span infinite dimensions, that is, artificial intelligence, the biggest driving force of the fourth industrial revolution

challenges and opportunities coexist

on January 25, 2019, the opening ceremony of JD (Deqing) AI accelerator was held in Deqing County, Huzhou City. At the opening ceremony, according to foreign media reports, relevant leaders of Ganshan high tech Zone, Deqing intelligent eco city, Deqing artificial intelligence association and its units attended

At the ceremony, Wei Liang, member of the Party Working Committee of the high tech Zone, delivered an opening speech, comprehensively explaining how Deqing County and JD AI platform and research department work together to comprehensively improve the intelligent level of economic and social development in Deqing, and create the mission and vision of "Deqing highland" for artificial intelligence development

since 2015, China has successively issued a series of policies on artificial intelligence, focusing on the future development, incorporating the new generation of artificial intelligence into the national strategy, and ushering in a new round of outbreak of the artificial intelligence industry across the country. Deqing is an important node in the "pearl chain" of scientific and technological innovation in the Yangtze River Delta. The benefits generated by the rapid rise of artificial intelligence towns and intelligent economy in surrounding cities will widely radiate to Deqing, providing new opportunities for Deqing to achieve leapfrog development

opportunities and challenges coexist. In recent years, Deqing has accelerated economic transformation and upgrading, and the overall economy has achieved steady development. However, the transformation of old and new economic drivers needs to be accelerated, emerging industries need to be expanded and strengthened, and the effective supply of public services needs to be enhanced, which has become a new problem for Deqing to catch up and surpass the development. As the first new generation AI application County in China, as well as its outstanding location advantages and good development foundation, Deqing has the ability to undertake high-end elements and industrial resources, and building an AI platform with national influence is a normal task for Deqing to achieve the breakthrough development of the new hydraulic system

Deqing government and JD AI accelerator jointly help local industrial upgrading

at the beginning of 2018, JD AI accelerator was officially established. The accelerator will give full play to its advantages in "technology + business scenario", provide all-round support for global entrepreneurs settling in the accelerator, such as investment, technology, business scenario, etc., effectively connect upstream and downstream industrial chains, and accelerate the technological upgrading of start-ups. As one of the genes of the accelerator model, capital power provides a continuous impetus for the development of enterprises in the acceleration period. The development of JD artificial intelligence accelerator requires not only capital potential energy within JD group, but also intergovernmental cooperation. This time, Cui Lixin said that AI accelerator was officially settled in Deqing. The two sides will work together to build a Deqing AI industry cooperation and service platform, jointly promote the shaping of business forms, and help local industrial upgrading

at the ceremony, JD AI accelerator reached a strategic cooperation with Hangzhou JINGLUE Industrial Operation Management Co., Ltd. In the future, the strategic innovation will rely on its advantages in industry resources, industry landing, incubation management, etc., and help JD (Deqing) AI accelerator and settled enterprises to quickly and effectively meet the needs of local traditional industries

in addition, during the ceremony, Deqing AI Association officially awarded the vice president unit of the association to JD AI platform and research department. The two sides will focus on the service and upgrading of AI industry, strive to build an AI Incubation Platform in Deqing County, and focus on new industries and new economy. Comprehensively serve entrepreneurs to realize the value of operation, investment and acceleration

Deqing government is committed to scientific and technological innovation

JD (Deqing) artificial intelligence accelerator takes the "Deqing Jingdong artificial intelligence training center" project as the starting point and the implementation of industrial integration as the goal to optimize the development environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, strengthen the implementation of artificial intelligence policies, improve the talent training and flow system, establish and improve the transformation mechanism of scientific and technological achievements, and contribute to the development of Deqing high-tech talent reserve and industrial digital upgrading

optimize the development environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. Build professional technical service platforms and scientific and technological support service platforms, and build a market environment, administrative and service environment that meets the needs of new economic development; Set up venture capital funds or angel investment funds, explore the reform of investment and loan linkage, and build convenient, efficient and low-cost investment and financing services for the growth of enterprises in the early and medium term; Actively promote collaborative innovation, actively attract and undertake Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Scientific and technological resources to Deqing, carry out achievement transformation or entrepreneurial development, and establish and improve professional and networked information platforms and service systems

strengthen the implementation of policies, promote the implementation of intellectual property protection, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, talent flow, collaborative innovation and other incentive policies, continue to increase local government support, and formulate and improve policies and measures to promote the development of new drivers

improve the talent training and mobility system. We should establish and implement a new talent training system and talent training program that meet the policy requirements, actively promote the reform of entrepreneurship and innovation scientific research education, and promote the institutionalization and systematization of entrepreneurship and innovation education and training around the development needs of cultivating new drivers. We will implement various policies to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in universities and scientific research institutions, establish and improve a two-way flow mechanism for scientific researchers, and vigorously attract high-level entrepreneurship and innovation talents at home and abroad

establish a mechanism for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and encourage scientific researchers to start businesses and innovate. Only by focusing on high-end processing technology and accelerating localization transformation is the key to the development of the company. Exhibition, industry, University and research cooperation should be promoted to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into enterprises, and promote the opening and sharing of entrepreneurial and innovative resources and scientific research facilities to the society

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