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JD logistics establishes the first domestic packaging test standard for e-commerce logistics industry

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on August 22, the third JD logistics "Qingliu plan" green packaging forum was held in Shanghai, and JD logistics's first domestic packaging test standard for e-commerce industry was unveiled

During the forum, JD logistics signed cooperation with China Packaging Research and testing center, P & G China, Johnson & Johnson, kraft Heinz, Unilever, Mengniu, amko and other institutions and enterprises to initiate the establishment of China e-commerce logistics industry packaging standard alliance to jointly discuss the formulation, application and promotion of the standard

At the meeting of the first packaging standard for e-commerce logistics industry in China, Duan Yanjian, head of JD logistics packaging planning, said that the current "9571" project of the state post office is being vigorously implemented nationwide, of which "more than 50% of e-commerce express is no longer secondary packaging, and the utilization rate of recycling transfer bags is 70%" and other important goals are also the direction of enterprises' active efforts

as an industry leader, JD logistics has previously launched the first research on packaging testing standards in the domestic e-commerce logistics industry in order to promote the recycling of packaging and reduce the damage rate of goods. Based on the full link transportation environment of JD logistics, this standard records in detail the logistics data of tens of thousands of nodes under the scenarios of intra city, inter city, inter regional transportation, land transportation, aviation, railway, etc., studies the factors of cargo damage, and forms a packaging test standard

at present, the first phase of the standard has been completed, which can provide an important basis for enterprises upstream and downstream of the supply chain, including providing a real simulation environment for e-commerce logistics for brand manufacturers' source packaging design, and reducing the error rate of packaging laboratory testing; Provide basis for e-commerce enterprises to formulate commodity packaging standards; Provide basis for packaging value-added services of logistics enterprises to avoid goods damage caused by insufficient packaging; Provide reference for packaging enterprises when providing transportation and packaging solutions to meet customer needs

in the long run, based on this standard, JD logistics will provide e-commerce packaging standard cooperation and certification, packaging technology and testing services to build a packaging ecosystem in China's e-commerce logistics supply chain

at the forum, JD logistics signed cooperation with institutions and enterprises such as China Packaging Research and testing center, P & G China, Johnson & Johnson (China), kraft Heinz (China), Unilever Shanghai Research and development center, Mengniu Dairy, AMCO (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and launched the establishment of China e-commerce logistics industry packaging standards alliance to promote the application of relevant standards

innovate and implement the concept of green development

at present, the whole express industry is lack of unified standards in packaging, insufficient online data management, and serious waste of express packaging, especially cartons. Product damage and packaging waste caused by e-commerce environment can not be ignored

at this forum, the guests discussed "promoting the original straight hair packaging and helping the '9571' green project". Many experts said that promoting the original factory direct packaging can greatly reduce the secondary packaging of e-commerce express and reduce material waste. It can not only help enterprises optimize their own packaging lines, improve production efficiency and reduce costs, but also reduce the damage rate and improve consumer experience, which is of great significance to the sustainable development of the environment

JD logistics is also promoting the application of green packaging through the diversified activities of the "Qingliu plan". In addition to establishing e-commerce packaging test standards, JD logistics has launched the second e-commerce logistics packaging design competition of "green smart manufacturing, packaging future" since March this year, focusing on the three competition questions of "green, creative and public welfare", and soliciting innovative designs in terms of greening express packaging, improving consumer experience through creativity, and sustainable utilization of natural resources

at the award ceremony held on the same day, 27 works won many awards, such as green packaging and creative packaging. Many works, such as integrated recycling packaging box, reusable e-commerce express box, inflatable recycling express packaging, have obvious practical value. Duanyanjian said that this e-commerce logistics packaging competition received more than 2000 entries, and the works related to green packaging accounted for more than 65%. The public's attention to recyclable packaging is increasing

with the rapid development of e-commerce and express logistics, "Green Express packaging" has been clearly written into the 2019 government work report, which has become an inevitable requirement of social development. Up to now, JD logistics' Qingliu plan has reduced the one-time express waste by nearly 30000 tons within more than two years of its launch, and the recyclable express box "Qingliu box" has been put into use more than 10million times. On the same day, the Ministry of industry and information technology also issued the "directory of demonstration and guidance for the first batch of utilization of key new materials (2017 Edition)" and the recycling of cartons, saving about 2billion express cartons, more than 200000 businesses Some structural components of automobile industry, electronic and electrical industry and machinery industry with the participation of more than 100 million consumers or with relatively harsh technical requirements; Among them

to implement the concept of green development with standard construction and technological innovation, JD logistics will continue to strengthen the cooperation with downstream supply chain enterprises, and work with hundreds of millions of consumers to provide strong support for sustainable development

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