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JD cloud's ability to aggregate advantages and release partners' "honeycomb plan"

the 2017 JD cloud channel partner recruitment Conference Beijing station was grandly launched. During the event, JD cloud released the beehive plan to empower partners, hoping to recruit and cultivate more excellent partners through this plan, ensure the rights and interests of partners from multiple dimensions such as business support, marketing, training services, technical support and cooperation policies, and work together to create a high-value cloud ecosystem and win-win cloud market. The recruitment activities will enter Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other cities in the next two months. JD cloud hopes to take this opportunity to reach a consensus with excellent partners in important regions across the country, so as to build momentum for market expansion

2017 JD cloud honeycomb program partner signing ceremony JD cloud and business partner consulting institutions automatically completed the experimental process with high efficiency and accuracy, and representatives of many partners such as Harbin innovation Valley and Qingjun technology gathered together to discuss JD cloud's technical strength and business advantages, and jointly witnessed the signing ceremony of the first batch of partners to join JD cloud honeycomb program

accelerate channel layout and boost the prosperity of cloud ecosystem

since the nationwide recruitment of JD cloud channel partners was launched in 2016, JD cloud has signed nearly a thousand partners. Li Lin, vice president of JD cloud, said: JD group has continuously achieved breakthroughs in the past 12 years. Through win-win development and sincere cooperation with partners, it has built one of the business entities with the best user experience and cost efficiency worldwide. JD cloud, as the cornerstone of realizing the group's business technology drive, has always adhered to the group's development concept of openness, cooperation and win-win results, accelerated the layout of channel ecology, and worked with partners to give full play to their respective advantages, build a prosperous and stable cloud ecosystem, and empower the development of the new economy

interpret the honeycomb plan and build a solid cloud cooperation ecosystem

JD cloud comprehensively interpreted the relevant contents and policies of the honeycomb plan at the meeting. The honeycomb plan aims to promote the sharing mode of capacity, resources and ecology. JD cloud will cooperate closely with partners to build a cloud ecological honeycomb structure under the new economy

honeycomb is composed of hexagonal small rooms, and the consumption mode is constantly changing. The structure formed by this hexagonal arrangement is called honeycomb structure. Because this structure is very strong, it is used in the wings of aircraft and the walls of artificial satellites. According to the theory of biology, bees cast hexagonal hives based on their instincts, and such effective phenomena in nature are due to natural selection. The honeycomb plan launched by JD cloud will break the traditional channel distribution mode, aggregate the technical resources of JD group, take the JD cloud platform as the unified output window, aggregate enterprise level it ecological service providers, industry solutions providers, software service providers, resale service providers and other cloud service providers, jointly create an ecological structure of mutual partners and resources, gather the capability advantages of the whole ecosystem, and form innovative solutions, Win the enterprise service market together

JD cloud also highlighted its unique three no's and four sharing cooperation principles. JD cloud adheres to the three commitments of not touching customers, data and applications. As a cloud basic service provider, it focuses on the creation and research and development of public cloud to ensure the ecological interests of partners. JD cloud will open its mind and work with all partners to promote the progress of the market, while integrating the capabilities, resources Ecology and profits are shared with partners

the launch of the beehive plan is not accidental. According to Zhao Qi, the technical director of JD cloud, JD cloud has expanded from a solid foundation supporting the rapid development of JD cloud's own business to an output bridge for JD's various technical capabilities and resource platforms, opening up the information chain and value chain, building a cooperative platform ecosystem through model innovation, and fully protecting the interests of partners, so that the beehive plan that empowers partners is born in line with the trend

sign on JD cloud to realize business value-added

at the recruitment conference, guests jointly witnessed the signing ceremony of the first batch of partners to join the JD cloud honeycomb program. Harbin innovation Valley, Qingjun technology and many other signed impact experiments; Free fall experiment and other partners have given great recognition, and also expressed their expectations for JD cloud channel cooperation, hoping to win more business opportunities with the help of cloud ecology

guandejun, general manager of Harbin innovation Valley, delivered a speech with the theme of cloud innovation's future pioneer in mass entrepreneurship and innovation. He said that mass entrepreneurship and innovation are powerful engines for China's economic quality improvement and efficiency upgrading. The use of cloud computing, big data, IOT and other technologies can create a new model of industrial development and promote more entrepreneurial entities and innovation units. JD cloud has the world's leading cloud computing capabilities, and as an important output window of JD group's whole industry chain capabilities, it can help local governments and enterprises build an innovation and entrepreneurship development ecosystem, so that more entrepreneurs can succeed in the cloud era

in today's increasingly fierce competition and changing enterprise marketing environment, strengthening channel innovation and construction is an important condition for enterprises to continuously obtain market opportunities. During the National Recruitment conference of JD cloud channel partners in November 2016, JD cloud released the channel ecological strategy and channel cooperation policy, expressing its vision and determination to jointly build a cloud service ecosystem and grow together with partners, marking the start of large-scale partner recruitment. At present, the number of signed partners of JD cloud has reached nearly 1000, and more and more industry enterprises have access to JD cloud platform, effectively supporting the sustainable and stable development of JD cloud business

the nationwide recruitment campaign for JD cloud channel partners in 2017 has been fully launched. JD cloud continues to increase its support for the channel to help partners obtain more benefits. 3. When clamping, try to install the samples parallel to the front and back. JD cloud looks forward to continuing deep cooperation with channel partners to win the future of the cloud with the power of the times

about JD cloud:

JD cloud () is a cloud computing integrated service provider under JD group, which has the world's leading cloud computing technology and a complete service platform. With the rapid development of Internet +, JD cloud has formed a cloud ecological pattern of the whole industry chain, from basic platform construction, business consulting planning, to business platform construction and operation. At the same time, JD cloud relies on JD group's long-term business practices and technical accumulation in cloud computing, big data, IOT and mobile Internet applications to build a socialized cloud service platform and provide safe, professional, stable and convenient cloud computing professional services to the whole society. JD cloud aims to work with enterprises to develop synchronously, create new Internet + solutions, and help enterprises achieve Internet + business transformation and upgrading

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