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JCB group warmly celebrates the 40th anniversary of the invention of telescopic boom forklift truck, Asahi Kasei and other companies' expansion of synthetic fiber production capacity

JCB group warmly celebrates the 40th anniversary of the invention of telescopic boom forklift truck

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on October 20, 2017, JCB group held a celebration ceremony for the 40th anniversary of the invention of telescopic boom forklift truck

on October 20, 1977, the telescopic boom fork truck developed by JCB was officially put on sale. At the beginning of listing, we mainly carried out small-scale handling of building materials at construction sites. However, when it was extended to agriculture, the value of telescopic boom fork loading was found and quickly promoted, such as in farms, package stacking, waste loading and grain stacking, which fundamentally changed the traditional way of using hydraulic loaders modified by tractors

so far, JCB has sold more than 220000 loadalls, with a cumulative sales revenue of 7billion pounds. Its best measure shows that £ 4.5 billion comes from overseas markets. At present, the output of JCB's LOADALL production line in the UK headquarters has reached the highest level in history, 25% higher than that in 2016. One LOADALL is offline every 6 minutes, and the LOADALL business department has more than 1200 employees

lord Bamford, chairman of the board of JCB group, said: "When we launched LOADALL in 1977, only 64 units were sold in the whole year. However, we are full of confidence in its future. Because it is a very suitable equipment for engineering and agriculture, and can greatly improve the convenience of on-site construction, it is bound to overturn the application scenarios of traditional industries. Over the past 40 years, the rapid development of the telescopic boom forklift truck market has verified our assumption. Today, we are very happy and proud to celebrate the output of JCB LOADALL production line Reaching the highest level in history. "

"here, I am very grateful to all employees who have made contributions to LOADALL products in the past 40 years. Facing the brilliant past 40 years, we must also look forward to the future and work harder to achieve the glory of the next 40 years!"

Eddie Finney, 59, is the head of LOADALL assembly line. He said, "I joined JCB in 1976, and then transferred to the LOADALL assembly line in 1977. At that time, only four cars were off the assembly line every day. Now, I can't believe what we have achieved in the past 40 years!"

kevin Holley, 60, operates a laser cutting machine in the LOADALL structure workshop. He said, "I joined JCB in 1978 and began to operate gas cutting machines. Then I entered the LOADALL business department. At that time, only four cars were offline every day. The LOADALL business department is a very unpopular department, which is not as busy as the two busy factories. However, I firmly believe that this product must have great prospects in the future. No equipment can do what it can do."

Keith Weston, 61, joined JCB in 1973. He said, "my whole career has been responsible for the maintenance of the overall manufacturing line, but I have been responsible for the shot blasting and painting of LOADALL since the 1980s. At that time, I never thought LOADALL could be so popular with customers as today. I have always been proud of working here."

the first 100000 loadalls took JCB 30 years to sell, while the second 100000 took only 9 years (2016). JCB is the world's first telescopic boom fork loading brand, and one of every three equipment sold in the world comes from JCB

when JCB released LOADALL on October 20, 1977, the slogan at that time was "the day of obsolescence is coming", suggesting that LOADALL will replace traditional forklifts in the future

jcb loadall

jcb LOADALL production - the amazing fact that there are 34 basic models and more than 1000 configurations

14.5 million meters of welding wire are consumed in the manufacturing process of LOADALL every year

each equipment needs to go through 35 production processes, which takes 8 hours to assemble and go offline

35000 tons of steel are consumed in the production and manufacturing of LOADALL every year

recently, the company invested £ 1million to buy new laser and plasma cutting equipment

The box structure of the LOADALL boom is pressed by a 650 ton press

it takes an average of 45 minutes to manufacture two HD heavy-duty frames

70% of the frame welding is completed by the welding robot, with a height of 10 Working stroke of upper and lower platens: 0 (1) 000 m (customized according to user requirements) skilled welders complete the difficult welding parts of the robot

the preparation and painting process of boom, frame and outrigger takes 2 hours

painting the frame consumes 73000 liters of primer and 50000 liters of finish paint every year

each loada shrinks greatly along the vertical material flow direction; On the contrary, ll must be tested on a roller test bench at full speed for 13 minutes to calibrate the transmission system

each LOADALL must maintain the test weight for 10 minutes under the full extension and maximum height of the boom to test the performance of the equipment

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