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The application of JCB LOADALL telescopic boom fork loading in the operation of animal husbandry

the application of JCB LOADALL telescopic boom fork loading in the operation of animal husbandry

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in foreign countries, especially in Europe, every animal husbandry will have a telescopichandler (telescopic boom fork loading) this equipment. The national standard rule experimental speed is 200mm/min, and some market conditions equipment is 10~500 mm/min. This equipment, which was invented by JCB in October 1977 and sold on the market, has been widely used in foreign agricultural fields for its high efficiency and multi-function characteristics. According to statistics, almost every 1000 cattle scale European pasture is equipped with one such equipment, coupled with accessories for various purposes, which meets most of the working needs of the pasture. Less manpower, lower equipment purchase, holding cost, multi-function and high efficiency are the important reasons why the equipment is widely used in foreign livestock farms. With this farm weight and other kinds of efficient automation equipment, many European family farms can operate up to 2000 cows to achieve the required load level and uniformity in composites

jcb LOADALL telescopic boom fork loading

with the rapid development of China's economy, the human cost has been gradually pushed up, and the low and hard-working labor dividends have been released. More and more young people prefer clean, comfortable and lively jobs, which makes the number of domestic agricultural employees decline one by one, and mechanized operations will become the mainstream

1. Silage is the main food of cows, which is prone to aerobic corruption in the air. When the reclaiming section is poorly managed and a large amount of loose silage is exposed, the feed quality will decline significantly. Open the cross section silage on the surface of the cover film and use it for up to 3 working days. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the secondary oxidation of the top layer and the section silage corn, resulting in the aerobic fermentation of fungi, molds and bacteria, which will reduce the quality and flavor of the silage. When digging silage, ensuring the minimum area of exposed air is an important link to maintain the quality of silage. At present, the domestic silage is generally extracted by loader with bucket, or equipped with grab or reclaiming rake to strip the silage. The consequence of this working method is that the silage section is very fluffy after reclaiming, and the air will deeply penetrate into the surface of the silage, resulting in secondary fermentation

reclaiming of silage

the accessory configured on jcbladall is the silage cutter exclusively designed by JCB. The equipment has a capacity of 1.3m3, HD heavy-duty design, and HARDOX steel is used in key parts. In the face of fully fermented silage, the efficiency is extremely high

2. Feed pushing at the side of the cattle corral

feed pushing at the side of the cattle corral

after Mr scattering, the feed beside the fence can be eaten up soon, which requires people to push the feed far away to the mouth of the cow. The following accessories can be used to solve the feed pushing problem

3. Loading and unloading of forage

forage is an important source of cow feed. A large amount of forage is transported to major dairy farms at home and abroad every day. In the face of such a heavy workload, improving efficiency is a very important issue

loading and unloading of forage

loadall the front-end can be replaced with a straw fork to solve the problems of loading and unloading safety, vision and comfort, and greatly improve efficiency

4. Cleaning of cattle farms

cleaning of cattle farms

replacing the cleaner can clean cattle farms efficiently and quickly, reduce floating dust, low noise, efficiently and quickly

5. Grain stacking

in addition to forage, there are all kinds of grain additions, which are also part of the dairy cows' dinner. In China, loaders are usually used to stack and clean the grain feed on site. Different from the working mode of loader using friction to realize material stacking, jcbladall uses the boom driven by hydraulic pressure to work without slipping. In addition, the power of jcbladall engine is far lower than that of 5-ton loader, and the annual fuel consumption savings is 2 The maximum test piece: W200 x D200 x H200 (mm) can save at least 50000 yuan

stacking of grains

shovels can also be used to stack grains higher

stack height

6 Other functions

other functions

with the help of jcblindall quick change device, you can realize the second speed switching of the above various accessories! As a Swiss Army knife for dairy farm equipment, jcbladall can also be free to realize more operation functions in addition to the installation operation platform, snow shovels, dung forks and other accessories developed by the industry-leading 1 series of low global warming potential hydrofluoroelkenes

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