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JCB backhoe loader innovation for 60 years: cheer for passion

JCB backhoe loader innovation for 60 years: cheer for passion

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Guide: in November 2013, the world's famous construction machinery manufacturer JCB's iconic product backhoe loader, commonly known as "busy at both ends", was born for the 60th anniversary - this is an unprecedented device, which has changed people's inherent concept of construction machinery, It can be called a device that changes the world. We are in J

in November 2013, JCB, the world's famous construction machinery manufacturer, celebrated its 60th anniversary with its iconic product excavator loader, commonly known as "busy at both ends" - this is an unprecedented device, which has changed people's inherent concept of construction machinery and can be called a world changing device

we held a celebration at JCB global headquarters. On the day of the event, Lord banford, chairman of JCB group, said excitedly: "We never realize that we have been producing backhoe loaders for 60 years. We have never stopped exploring technological innovation and pursuing to meet the multifunctional needs of customers, and today I believe we have done it. But our R & D and innovation will not stop. This is the foundation for our enterprise to continue to maintain rapid development. Let us remember this moment, the future belongs to JCB!"

Lord banford, chairman of JCB, led a crowd to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the advent of JCB two busy prototypes and the latest technology. The concept of backhoe loader was first proposed by Joseph Cyril Bamford, the founder of JCB, "that is, the famous Mr. JCB". The first model came out in 1953, which was made by installing a light backhoe end on the JCB wheel loader. This is the first machine in the world that integrates front-end loading and back-end mining

in 1853, the prototype MK1

the early backhoe loader was called JCB MK1. JCB invested a lot of energy in the research and development of this product series. It began to be equipped with hydraulic backhoe in 1956, and continued to launch the JCB 4 series with more powerful backhoe in 1960

today, backhoe loaders have become one of the most widely used construction machinery products in the world. In this market created by JCB so that the temperature of the working environment of the experimental machine must be kept constant, JCB has become the best-selling product, and its sales volume has been the first in the world for 13 consecutive years

1970 JCB 3C 11 performs "dancing backhoe loaders"

in 1973, under the leadership of Lord Bamford, JCB has produced 50000 backhoe loaders, and its production base is not limited to the UK. It has also set up factories in India and Brazil to start production. By the end of 2012, JCB had produced more than 500000 excavators and loaders worldwide

in 1980, JCB released 3CX series - the world's most successful two busy

tim burnhope, JCB's global chief innovation and development officer said, "the backhoe loader is 60 years old, and it does not represent a situation that meets the current situation. 5. The dynamometer main bearing is not allowed to refuel, but a 60 year innovation that constantly bursts into youth and full of vitality. Our journey has just begun. Leading innovation is always in our hearts, and we believe we will do better. JCB backhoe loader, JCB, is worth your expectation!"

"JCB excavator loader is a device of special importance. In the next few years, you can see that it continues to develop rapidly as a powerful and general-purpose device that can carry a variety of accessories. It is precisely because it can carry the general performance of a variety of accessories that our users increasingly find that it is not only a machine for excavation, but also a versatile person in engineering construction."

in 1985, JCB's 1000th two end busy production line

"with the continuous rise of oil prices, construction machinery is facing an increasingly difficult situation. And JCB excavator loader, due to its versatility and high residual value, has great development potential. I believe it will become the flagship equipment of construction machinery."

"In the past 60 years, JCB has focused on developing the functions of two busy digging ends to improve its performance and productivity: we are the first manufacturer to use turbocharged engines, power shift transmissions, four-wheel drive and extended digging arms. Our innovation is also reflected in the constantly expanding product line, including the 1cx with small slip technology, the 2cx with four-wheel steering, the best-selling 3CX and 4cx, and the most powerful 5cx recently launched 。 Another proud achievement of us is that we have the fastest two busy trains in the world, with a maximum speed of 88 km/h. "

jcb attaches great importance to the development of process and technology. We independently produce tier4 engine, transmission system and hydraulic system, which represent the most first-class technology in the industry, and even the cab are designed and assembled by ourselves, which enables JCB to achieve accurate quality control and continuously innovate and improve in each manufacturing process. Just like this, our products have significant competitive advantages in productivity, economy, operating comfort, advanced and convenient servo operating system and ecomax engine with good fuel economy

in 2004, JCB celebrated the 500000 two end busy offline

the engine independently developed and designed by JCB complies with the latest emission standards, and does not need diesel particulate filter (DPF) and exhaust gas post-treatment device, which can help customers achieve a maximum fuel saving of 9%, save costs and improve efficiency. In addition, the EFI control injection system installed on the latest JCB excavator loader 3CX eco series can ensure that the operator can complete daily inspection in the cab, reduce downtime and improve work efficiency

our latest innovation system is the cab preheating system, that is, the engine and cab can be preheated through a timer. In this way, in cold weather, the operator only needs to enter the cab to start the equipment immediately, without having to sit in the cold cab and make a series of preparations before starting the machine. There is also a hot drink machine in our optional device, which allows the operator to drink hot drinks during breaks

we also have many innovations being used in backhoe loaders. What is particularly worth mentioning is our innovation in accessories. We can provide customers with a complete set of solutions in various industrial applications

4cx waste treatment expert series is a very good example. Building a national aviation material production base and a national military civilian integration innovation demonstration zone can be used to illustrate our innovation in this area. Our waste disposal experts can be used to compact the waste in containers and reposition these containers by lifting accessories. In addition, it can also be equipped with sweepers to clean the site and sweep the snow. The most important thing is that it can move freely in the waste treatment and recycling site, which greatly improves efficiency and saves costs for contractors

finally, Mr. burnhope stressed, "we are more looking forward to the next 60 years, and our innovation and R & D center is working hard for it. We will integrate more functions with an air gap of 0.2-0.6mm, and continue to vertically integrate the industrial chain of the power system. We believe that JCB excavators and loaders will continue to lead us into the next extraordinary field!"

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