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JD logistics successfully listed and raised HK $24.1 billion to lay out the supply chain. Release date: Source: JD logistics. On May 28, JD Logistics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "JD logistics") was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange with the stock code of 2618. JD logistics is a leading technology driven supply chain solution and logistics service provider in China, with a public offering price of HK $40.36 per share. If the over allotment rights are not exercised, the net amount of funds raised from the global offering will be HK $24.113 billion

the listing in Hong Kong marks that JD logistics has entered a new stage of development. The raised funds will focus on the layout of the integrated supply chain, including upgrading and expanding the six logistics networks, developing advanced technologies related to supply chain solutions and logistics services, expanding the scope and depth of the solution, helping customers improve the efficiency of the supply chain and user experience, reduce operating costs, and so on

since JD group established its own logistics in 2007, JD logistics has established six logistics networks covering the whole country and reaching the world. Through unremitting logistics infrastructure, 10 Given the number of revolutions, the system implemented and invested in science and technology, launched 211 time limited delivery, 24-hour delivery in thousands of counties and towns, redefined the logistics service standards, and provided consumers with the world's best logistics service experience

after 10 years of incubation and accumulation, JD logistics was fully opened to the outside world in 2017. By 2020, including the adsorption of evolutionary protein, the proportion of external customer revenue has reached 46.6%, and the number of service enterprise customers has exceeded 190000. For the differentiated needs of many industries such as FMCG, clothing, home appliances, furniture, 3C, automobile and fresh food, JD logistics has launched an integrated supply chain solution. JD logistics has always attached importance to the important role of technological innovation, and has continuously increased its investment. By making full use of 5g, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, IOT and other underlying technologies, JD logistics has achieved service automation, operation digitization and decision-making intelligence

at the listing ceremony, 9 representatives from JD logistics customers and employees and the six axis collaborative manipulator, which symbolizes JD logistics technology, jointly sounded the Gong of JD logistics' listing in Hong Kong. The nine representatives are: Mr. Chen Weili, the customer representative who has long trusted JD logistics integrated supply chain, and the CEO of SKECH China, Southeast Asia and South Korea; Mr. Dongming, senior vice president of supply chain and procurement of Nestle Greater China; With the help of JD logistics, Dr. Zhang Fan, the first Secretary of Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology in Shuangjing village, led the villagers to get rich; Mr. zhangwenhui, a 17 year old user of JD logistics who has accompanied the growth of JD logistics; Mr. Dong Xinyue, who experienced the Wenchuan earthquake and returned home to start a business after graduating from University, hopes to make people across the country eat Wenchuan cherries through JD logistics; Mr. Liu Jian, a 14-year-old employee of JD logistics who settled down in Beijing and "went to university" in JD; Ms. tangyangjun, the stationmaster of the Wenzhou Dongtou Business Department of JD logistics, who takes root in the "hometown of 100 islands" and connects remote islands and reefs with the world by express delivery one by one; Zou Rui, a post-90s technical talent in JD logistics' unmanned warehouse who has grown rapidly in the front line; Mr. zouyonghuo, an excellent employee of leap express who has always served the front line and won 27 awards

Yu Rui, CEO of JD logistics, said, "In the future, we hope to use the technology driven integrated supply chain to maximize the development of the real economy and emerging industries, continue to provide users with high-quality service experience, work with partners to reduce social logistics costs and promote commercial and social efficiency. JD logistics will firmly adhere to its mission of 'technology driven, leading global efficient circulation and sustainable development' to ensure that no matter who and where JD logistics is in the future, as long as we find it , you can enjoy the most reliable service. "

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