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JD cloud's diversified resources are injected into Binzhou to jointly build a cloud computing big data base

today, JD group announced that it has officially signed a cooperative test agreement with the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, the people's Government of Binzhou City, Shandong Province, and Binzhou economic and technological Development Zone for five test pieces. With the support of the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, and the people's Government of Binzhou City, Shandong Province will jointly prevent structural damage caused by the failure of a component, build a cloud computing big data industrial base in the Yellow River Delta, comprehensively promote the construction of Binzhou economic and Technological Development Zone, enhance the core competitiveness of local industries, and realize industrial upgrading and transformation

the signing ceremony of cooperation between Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, Binzhou Municipal People's government, Binzhou economic and Technological Development Zone and group

in the past two years, the state has intensively introduced policies to vigorously develop and apply new IT technologies, and actively advocated the integration of industrialization and informatization. At the same time, the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, new urbanization, regional integration and other national strategies continue to stimulate market potential. Under such a market environment, Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce and Binzhou Municipal government decided to work together with to give full play to its basic and leading advantages in economic transformation and upgrading, and combine the technical experience of cloud computing and big data with Binzhou's characteristic industrial resources to create a new model for the development of local characteristic industries

Mr. He Gang, vice president of JD group and President of JD cloud, said: with the support of Shandong provincial government departments, JD and Binzhou Municipal government will become multi-layer composite materials to jointly establish JD cloud computing big data industrial base in the Yellow River Delta. Relying on JD cloud's technology and service capabilities, it provides a secure and reliable urban industrial public service resource pool with flexible expansion, flexible application, unlimited extension, and an open, shared, and collaborative urban big data resource pool. After completion, the base will carry the important mission of JD cloud and provide safe and convenient cloud computing and big data services for governments and enterprises in Shandong and even the Bohai economic circle

according to the content of the agreement, will also help realize the construction of a public service platform for trading products with distinctive marks of origin in Shandong Province, promote the e-commerce, branding and funding of Shandong's characteristic industries, build a local industrial ecosystem, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the integration of domestic and foreign trade. In addition, JD cloud will also establish a big data analysis and Application Center for Binzhou City, including a big data basic service platform, an analysis service platform, and a comprehensive management and service support display platform to complete the output of big data analysis services. The center will provide big data processing and analysis services for Binzhou's government administration, livelihood services, industrial upgrading, urban management and other business areas, and provide big data support for Binzhou's decision-making will focus on combining the needs of Shandong's characteristic industries, agriculture, tourism, etc., and will focus on the provincial characteristic agricultural products trading platform, the provincial smart tourism public service platform, and the innovative manufacturing public service platform to provide Binzhou with four value systems: platform construction, open data, assistance in operation, and co construction of ecology. Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce will promote the application of relevant big data, give priority to the trial in Binzhou City and Shandong Province, process, process and analyze relevant big data, and guide the production, marketing and industrial development of enterprises related to Binzhou's characteristic and advantageous industries

JD cloud boosts Binzhou's regional economic construction

in view of the current lack of e-commerce in Binzhou's industry, JD cloud will make full use of its rich e-commerce operation and management experience and scientific and technological strength, and combine the resource advantages of JD business school and JD university to provide professional and multi-level e-commerce education and training for Binzhou enterprises and cultivate e-commerce talents. Relying on the logistics advantages of JD group, JD cloud will also open JD warehousing and logistics, JD Finance (supply chain finance, consumer finance) and other related service resources to Binzhou to accelerate the upgrading of traditional industries and the development of regional e-commerce ecology in Binzhou

in order to better complete the construction and operation services in Binzhou cloud computing, big data and other fields, JD cloud will set up an independent local technical service output entity in Binzhou to ensure the effective implementation of cooperation. After the completion of the cooperation, Binzhou will serve as the node of JD cloud's national cloud data center, undertake relevant businesses in Beijing, Shandong region and even the entire Bohai economic circle, and become a cloud service business undertaking center. In addition, in order to give better play to the value of the platform, Binzhou Municipal People's government will set up the Internet + new economy industry development fund, and actively guide government businesses to give priority to the cloud and purchase cloud services

for this cooperation, and Binzhou Municipal government are full of expectations. The relevant person in charge of Binzhou said that through the cooperation with, Binzhou's cloud computing big data industry is expected to achieve a leap forward development, the overall development level and competitiveness are significantly improved, new infrastructure and new economic ecology are implemented, and the new momentum of the city will be fully released. It is estimated that by 2020, the development pattern of modern service industry in Binzhou will be basically formed, and it is conservatively estimated that it can bring more than tens of billions of output value

in the future, will give full play to its strength in cloud computing, big data, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of things and other fields, help Binzhou and other regions to develop new productivity, reshape new production relations, and drive regional economic development. In addition, JD cloud will continue to expand its core, borderless, open and shared data ecosystem business model, develop big data industrial applications, expand the scale of the digital economy, create new economic formats, help enterprises upgrade and transform, and improve people's livelihood and government affairs

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