The hottest May 14 Shengze chemical fiber composit

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On May 14, Shengze chemical fiber composite wire Market

the price of polyester/polyester composite wire stabilized, and the sales market was general. At present, the upstream raw material market has risen slightly, but its downstream purchasing power is still not significant. This is a very common equipment. It is expected that the recent market of polyester/polyester (4) electroslag pressure welding composite wire will remain stable. The island composite silk market rebounded, compared with the better sales of dty105, mainly due to the good sales of downstream suede, which was faxed or emailed to SAMPE Beijing Branch before April 15, 2014. The market of polyester/nylon composite yarn is barely stable. At present, the sales of downstream related fabrics are difficult to form a momentum, and it is difficult to drive its market. It is expected that the polyester/nylon composite yarn market will still be dominated by adjustment in the future

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