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Maxtouch is on the stage. ATMEL Corporation announced the launch of a new fully integrated capacitive touch screen technology maxtouch, which provides advanced touch screen technology with remarkable performance. ATMEL's patented capacitive touch technology, combined with the optimized AVR microcontroller with touch sensing function, can provide unlimited touch function, the fastest response time, and the highest acquisition accuracy

ATMEL plans to fully supply products based on the new maxtouch technology in September 2009, and has now been shown to major OEM manufacturers around the world. Vegard wollan, managing director and general manager of ATMEL microcontroller business department, said: "Our initial response from customers who have adopted maxtouch technology for design has greatly exceeded our highest expectations. Many of our customers have pointed out that compared with any existing touch screen in the market, maxtouch technology undoubtedly provides better vertical clamping: single number display double number display fully automatic microcomputer controlled change horizontal clamping: double number display single number display fully automatic microcomputer controlled tension and compression dial single number Explicit double digital display fully automatic microcomputer controlled static characteristic test sorting load sorting height sorting composite sorting high frequency fatigue tension compression fatigue low frequency fatigue mechanical electro-hydraulic servo change fatigue energy, which is superior to the products and technologies currently provided by other suppliers. In addition, it also provides a solution with the lowest power consumption and significantly smaller overall dimensions than the existing technology. "

maxtouch is the first fully integrated, infinite touch, low-power touch screen solution in the market. With ATMEL's advanced maxtouch algorithm, an unlimited number of unique touch points can be read and used. It also has advanced chip functions, which can recognize and report users' gestures, such as amplification, rotation, dialing and clicking, and its on-chip shape recognition ability can also provide other more complex functions. Through the unique ear touch, face touch and palm touch exclusion algorithm, unintentional touch can be detected and rejected

maxtouch technology provides excellent multi touch finger proximity for touch screens with a size of more than 10 ". In addition, it can report the touch position to the host very quickly, which means that it will not affect the speed of users using advanced functions such as handwriting recognition. Maxtouch technology can also report "contact size" and "line width", and is the first capacitive touch technology solution that can recognize two touch input media, stylus and nail

the innovative maxtouch technology is based on ATMEL's industry-leading xmega AVR microcontroller CPU, which is optimized for touch applications, plus a new advanced fully integrated analog sensing front end to capture charge patterns from touch screen sensors. Two on-chip dedicated DSP systems are used for accurate X-Y matrix position calculation. ATMEL's patented capacitive charge conversion technology provides the best signal-to-noise ratio and excellent linearity under the existing technology, which can enable the experiment to achieve very strong performance on the same specimen, even in a noisy environment

ATMEL's first single-chip product using maxtouch technology is packaged in ultra-thin 5x5mm BGA, which allows customers to build extremely thin high-performance touch screen products. The highly integrated maxtouch solution requires only three bypass capacitors to form a complete sensing solution, which can significantly reduce the circuit board space compared with the existing solution that usually requires 25 to 40 external components

touch screen has become the preferred user interface for electronic devices, and capacitive touch screen solutions are recognized as one of the fastest-growing areas in the electronic industry. ISuppli, a market research institution, predicts that the shipment volume of touch screen will increase from about 300million units in 2008 to more than 800million units in 2013

maxtouch technology is directly aimed at the core of the touch screen Market and is suitable for customers who build touch screen solutions for a wide range of current terminal product markets, including, Shangben, printers, GPS, portable media players, digital cameras and POS terminals

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